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17 Amazing Browser Tricks to Make You A Web Browsing Ninja

Searching information and surfing the web is something we do every day, but we always follow the same routine ways. Most of us consider ourselves as advanced users until suddenly someone shows us a trick that is the answer to do that same thing that we were looking for.

That’s why we are going to show you 17 Amazing Browser Tricks to become a web browsing ninja.

Shortcuts for keyboards, search methods you may not know, extensions for your browser that make your life easier.

You may be much faster when executing certain actions but these Amazing Browser Tricks will make you much more productive in your work.

In the end, learning a couple of tricks for small actions that we repeat several times a day ends up saving us much more time than we think.

10 Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Your Web Browsing Faster

Coming to shortcuts It does not matter which browser we actually use because most of the shortcuts are same for any browser.

We have several keyboard shortcuts available that will help us to save a lot of time. In this section we will be seeing top 10 shortcuts, although there are much more:

17 Amazing Browser Tricks to Make You A Web Browsing Ninja

  1. Ctrl + N opens a new window. If you want a new tab, just use Ctrl + T.
  2. Ctrl + Shift + T serves you to recover the last closed tab. To close any tab use Ctrl + W. We can also close a tab by clicking on the scroll wheel of the mouse, on the tab.
  3. Ctrl + F is one of the most useful for me, opens a search box where we can search the words within the web page or any document.
  4. Ctrl + Tab allows us to move from one tab to the next. If we use Ctrl + Shift + Tab, we go back to the previous tab. Very useful when working with two pages and we don’t have a double screen to display information in one and work on the other. If you want to see the third tab that have opened, press Ctrl + 3.
  5. Ctrl + Enter allows us to complete a web address without typing. For example, type OnlineCmag in your web browser and press Ctrl + Enter. Now it will becames www.onlinecmag.com, the only bad thing is that it does not work for other extensions like .net or .in.
  6. Ctrl + L will help you to select the web URL of the page you were browsing. Then you will just have to make a Ctrl + C to copy and paste it where you want.
  7. Ctrl + Shift + R cleans your browser cache and reloads the page you are looking at, which is very useful if you need to refresh quickly to see if you have caught a change in a web page or blog.
  8. Ctrl + + to Increase Zoom and Ctrl + – to decrease Zoom it. Ctrl + 0 restores the original size of the text. You can also do this by using Ctrl + scroll to zoom in or out on a page.
  9. Ctrl + U to see the source code of a page that opens in a new tab. Very useful if you are dedicated to SEO or web development.
  10. Alt + right arrow will advance to the last page stored in the history, if you do with the left arrow, you go back to the previous page in the history.

Navigation Incognito, Without A Trace

17 Amazing Browser Tricks to Make You A Web Browsing Ninja

Nowadays all browsers are incorporated with a feature called private or incognito navigation. We can open only one tab or the entire window in this mode.

The advantage is that the pages we have visited are not stored in the history or the recent pages, something very useful especially when a group of people is using the same System. This does not mean that there is no trace in the proxy.

How to Set-Up The Incognito Mode As Your Default Browsing Mode

Today we are going to explain you the way to setup incognito mode as your default browsing mode without pressing ” Ctrl + Shift + N “. If you are unaware

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Create A Pull-And-Drop Email Address

17 Amazing Browser Tricks to Make You A Web Browsing Ninja

If you are the kind of users who like to sign up for all possible services and try the latest gadgets that were launched on the Internet.

Then you may have a serious problem with your email account. And It is too precious to be left in anywhere because from then appear the hordes of spam and then comes all the disgust.

How To Detect Scams, Phishing, Bots, Spam, etc.?

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Luckily, there is a way to avoid these problems i.e. temporary mail accounts. They are many services available online that generates email addresses which work for the limited duration.

One of my favorites is Temp-Email. These temporary emails can be used in places that are not trustworthy, and thus can complete records without having to disclose our personal account. They are many alternative ways to protect yourselves from span in an effective manner.

Ditch The Incognito Mode Use Google As Your Proxy Server To Stay Hidden Online

The Internet is a tool that is mandatory, this is an opportunity for hackers to take advantage. The google translate Proxy Server is a secret way to hide PC

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Reverse Image Search

17 Amazing Browser Tricks to Make You A Web Browsing Ninja

If you have an image but need to know who is the author of the image, where it is housed or what license it has. For this kind problems, we have a solution given by google i.e. “Google’s Reverse Image Search”.

Move on to the google image search page and drag on the image that you intend to search. Leave rest everything to google. Google fetches the data of every web page that has this image.

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Access Pages Stored In The Search Engines Cache

17 Amazing Browser Tricks to Make You A Web Browsing NinjaIf you want to see how a web page was displayed at a certain time or even a webpage that no longer exists. we can access the search engine cache to show us how it would look.

We can use services like Cached Pages where we can see the version of the page when it was last analyzed by the Google robot. You may also use Wayback machine, One the best service available only to view the cached pages.

Capture Web Pages To Watch Later

17 Amazing Browser Tricks to Make You A Web Browsing Ninja

In this case, the browser extensions are best. I personally have several favorite extensions for this task, depending on where I’m going to read it later and when I’m going to do it.

I use Evernote Web Clipper, by using this extension we can capture the information as pages and later download them as entire as eBook.

Enable The Work Offline Mode In Your Google Chrome

Today most of us have internet connection, but there was a time when having internet at home was a privilege. You can work offline using Google Chrome with this simple

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Manage Tabs Without Consuming Memory

17 Amazing Browser Tricks to Make You A Web Browsing Ninja

Sometimes when we work with many open tabs, we can notice a sudden drop in the performance of our computer, especially if it has few resources.

Having an open tab consumes memory. To overcome this problem, we have a simple extension known as “OneTab”.

This extension stores all the tabs that we had open as a history. So that they are at hand without consuming any more memory. This extension is available for Firefox and Chrome as well.

How to Avoid Malicious Softwares Using Google Chrome

Internet is full of all kinds of software, especially malicious software. These softwares are used to steal our data. You can avoid malicious software by

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If You Want Different Results Look In Other Alternative Search Engines To Google

17 Amazing Browser Tricks to Make You A Web Browsing Ninja

Finally, a question that may seem very obvious, but which most people do not realize. If you want different results, use a different search engine than Google. Bing or DuckDuckGo are two great options to have a list of alternative results to that of what great Google shows us.

We hope these Amazing Browser Tricks help you save time in the use of web browsers as a tool of our day to day. And you, what tricks do you use to speed up web browsing?

If you would like to add some more things to this list of amazing browser tricks, Please Comment Below.

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