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5 Apps To Improve Sound Quality Of Android Devices

Are you looking for apps to help you improve the sound quality of your Android smartphone quickly and easily? This is your article! We’ve done a lot of research and have captured applications and widgets that will make your audio experience even more amazing.

Adjusting the volume of your Android is very easy with these applications!


List of Android Apps to Improve Sound Quality:

1. Audio Manager

Audio Manager is an intuitive application, thanks to its very clean interface in line with Google’s Material Design, essential to adjust the volume and sounds of the phone system.

At a glance, you can see the volume of the ringtone, alarm, various notifications, media, and voice call to be able to adjust each of them individually quickly.

Once you find the perfect balance of sound, Audio Manager offers the possibility to save everything in a profile and to program it to activate that profile at a certain time of the day and to improve sound quality when needed.

All ringtones at a glance! Go here to download the application from the Play Store.

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2. Slider Widget – Volume

Considered one of the most beautiful widgets of 2013, Slider Widget is still one of the most downloaded applications in the Play Store.

With it, you can adjust the sound and volume of the phone, as well as the brightness, with just a single gesture on your home screen. The widget is available in three different sizes, easy to use and discreet, perfectly suited to any interface.

Simple and functional! —> Slider Widget – Volume

3. Volume Ace Free

Thanks to Volume Ace Free you can not only adjust the different sounds of your smartphone, create sound profiles and program according to your day, but also change several ringtones by accessing the ‘Settings’ of the application.

Very convenient, easy to use and updated design, this application also offers several widgets that fit almost all home screens.

All sound settings on one screen! —> Volume Ace Free

4. Smart Volume Control

This application is without a doubt the most complete of its kind. Like the rest, it will allow you to adjust the volume of different tones and program it according to the audio profiles.

The novelty is that thanks to intelligent volume control, you can customize the profiles in detail. For example, activate the timer for only a few contacts, or change the sound profile not only by time but also by location.

Smart Volume Control is a really complete app to improve sound quality not only when needed but also where it is needed.

Customized audio profiles in detail! —> Smart Volume Control

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5. Silent Mode Lollipop

The perfect application for those who are having problems with the completely absent silent mode on devices with Android Lollipop.

This application gives you the opportunity to silence your smartphone once and for all by simply touching the image of the Chupachups. Doing so the image will turn red and that means …no more sound! Light, intuitive and functional.

Activate silent mode on Lollipop! —> Silent Mode Lollipop – Free

Your Thoughts

How many application from this list do you know of? Which application do you prefer to use to adjust the sound of your Android phone? Share your user experience with the apps in the comment section.

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