5 Basic Things You Should Know About File Name Extensions
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5 Basic Things You Should Know About File Name Extensions

Any average computer user comes across a lot of different file types. But only the curious lot really gives a thought on it.  In this article we talk about a few basic things you need to have in your head about the file name extensions.

 5 Questions Regarding The File Name Extensions :

5 Basic Things You Should Know About File Name Extensions


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1.)          What is File Name Extension?

A file name extension is simply a set of characters (mostly 3 characters) which follow the name of the file. This extended part of the file name helps the user and computer understand what type of data is present in the file. Hence it is called the file name extension.

For instance in the file name OnlineCmag.txt, txt is the file name extension. It conveys the computer that the file by the name OnlineCmag is a text file. It also suggests appropriate programs that can open this type of files both to the computer and user.


2.)          Can you see file name extensions?

Filename extensions are usually not shown. This is simply to help the users read file names easily. You can go with it or if interested you can make the file name extensions to be shown as well. There is no problem with that.


3.)          Can you change a file name extension?

File name extensions should be changed only if you are sure that the new file name extension is apt with the content in the file. Also the programs that can open that particular file types are also necessary. Failing in either of the cases, the file may not open and becomes dis-functional.

To change an extension, all you have to do is to Rename the original file with the new file name extension. Usually windows will warn you that changing the extension could lead to the file not working properly. So only if you are very sure that the new file name extension will work, click ok and proceed.


4.)          Can you control which programs opens files with certain file name extension?

Every program is pre-designed to open certain file types in our computer. It could be only one particular file type or a set of them, this factor depends entirely on the type of the program. You can choose between programs to open a particular file only if there are more than one programs installed in your computer.


5.)          Can you use any character in your file name?

No, you cannot. Usually the computer doesn’t allow its users to save file which include characters like \ / ? : * ” > < |. So any other characters can be used. Also make sure your file name doesn’t start with a number.

So this article covers a few aspects you need to be sure about regarding the file name extensions. If you have anything to share or comment you can do it below.


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