Here Are 5 Of The Most Important Supercomputer Applications

Here Are 5 Of The Most Important Supercomputer Applications

Supercomputers are the most powerful machines in the modern computer kingdom. They have capabilities which are 1000s of times better than the ordinary home computers. Because they are such super hunks they find many super sized applications.

Like Jack Wells, of Oak Ridge National Laboratory said, “Supercomputers can do supersize problems”, the supercomputers are particularly built to take on complex scientific problems. In this article OnlineCmag takes you through few supercomputer applications which have made our lives much better.

 Supercomputer Applications , Here Are 5 Of The Most Important Supercomputer Applications

Here Are 5 Important Supercomputer Applications:

1. The Super-Sized Problems :

The supercomputers owing to their capabilities can understand and foresee complex natural hazards. Understanding earthquakes is a very important aspect in preventing large scale loss of life. Researchers however have been successful to a great extent in predicting and estimating patterns of cyclones using supercomputers. All this possible due to all those high-level software which only supercomputers can handle.

2. In field of Biology :

Supercomputers have often been used to diagnose several diseases. Moreover, their main application is in studying the behavior of disease causing agents; only after which suitable vaccines and medicines can be prepared.

Also the research results produced by supercomputers have helped in understanding strokes, brain injuries and other blood flow issues to a greater extent.

3. In Military and Defense Operations :

With the increasing population, there is hardly any privilege to test weapons in the open. The other way around, supercomputers have even replaced the need for such outdoor stuff. Almost every defense in the world has one of these supercomputers which can simulate nuclear explosion and weapon ballistics.

4. In the air :

Supercomputers have revolutionized the way airplanes are designed. Thanks to the simulators (not yet so perfect) helping manufacturers understand the dynamics of air flow and build better and safer airplanes. Also the flight simulators are a real big deal, not just for training newbie pilots but also helping movies in being more realistic than ever.

5. Climate Predictions :

By far the most civilian supercomputer application is its capability to study and understand climate patterns. Actually this isn’t as easy as taking a look and into the sky and predicting stuff. It involves great deal of observation set because of the presence of hundreds of variables. The sure thing is breaking down all these complex variables and forecasting definitely needs the strength and abilities of a supercomputer.

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