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5 Things VR Can Replace In The Future [VR Trends]

The potential uses of Virtual Reality Headsets has not yet begun. With the combination of talent, technology and vision, VR can replace many daily actions. Making us feel sensations that otherwise would have been unattainable.

5 things that VR can replace in the future (and present)

Going to the Gym

If you are too lazy to go to the gym or pedalling your exercise bike, VR can replace the concept of a Sports Centre. And that too with many more attractive options. A bike for home that works with VR already exists and is called VirZoom It is dubbed as the VR that makes you move.

It is a stationary bike with motion sensors that measure the speed of pedalling. The faster you pedal in the real world, the faster you will do in the virtual.

You will see pictures in VR and you will move through different virtual scenarios. To enjoy VirZoom you need the Oculus Rift, Playstation VR or HTC Vive VR Headsets and the want to pedal.

This is best known option for gymnastics in VR, but this is just the start and there will be many more such VR products.

Space travel

Space travel is a dream that mankind has always had but it seems too far.  Various economic and physical factors are contributing to make this dream tough to realise. Currently VR is the only technology capable of making you feel like you’re on Mars.

Projects like this from NASA or the game EarthLight; to become an astronaut, offer us an immersive view of space.

vr can replace space travel

If you love strong emotions, you can also take a roller coaster ride across Alton Towers with virtual reality glasses. This is most similar to an intergalactic experience. A great initiative, only for the brave. But if you are not from England, don’t worry VR will get it covered.

Visiting Museums

There is no doubt that VR can replace travel but it seems to take a while. The more exceptional and practical option right now is to ‘visit’ museums. If you are interested to visit a museum situated in the remote corner of the world, VR has it covered. Prominent Museums can be visited at the comfort of our home, thanks to initiatives like the youvisit offering opportunities to make virtual tours.

And there are other interesting initiatives such as the Camino de Santiago Virtual Tour. This allows you to walk along the route of the city of the Apostle from the couch. A very real feeling for those who can’t make it real. This is the official trailer, the film and can be downloaded on devices iOS, Android and VR.

Going to a Formula 1 race

VR Sky Studios is a production team entirely dedicated to Virtual Reality. It’s first job was recording Formula 1 racing and with the Oculus Rift will make you feel like you’re in the driver ‘s seat. These videos are extremely immersive right from the pit, preparing the race and on the track. The feeling is very real and attractive.

vr can replace f1 race tickets

Sky VR ensures that this work is only the beginning for recording more sporting events in VR. Samsung Gear VR and NBC will rebroadcast the first Olympic trials in VR history. This raises an interesting question.. why pay a lot of money for attending the event plus the ticket to watch a sporting event if you can ‘live’ comfortably in the moment from your couch.

Traditional Games

Virtual Reality has its best allies in the video game world, but this aspect has a lot of divergent opinions.  Will VR games result in the end of the traditional video games? We should watch out (and it is likely to happen).

vr can replace traditional gaming

The video game experts emphasize that the VR products are more real, so they achieve greater involvement of the player. It is the logical advancement of the industry. Finally, it is expected that over time production costs will reduce and performance will improve.

In contrast, however, there are price factors (they are more expensive and require extra outlay of a VR device, can be disturbing for the gameplay and even cause dizziness, and now the graphic quality of some improved. So, there are issues to be fixed but the replacement is very likely.

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