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6 Technology Trends of 2018 Going Mainstream Soon

Look back 20 years into how we used to communicate. More or less the idea of communication using a device was restricted to the big wired telephones only the rich could afford. And then suddenly we are into this Information revolution which put smartphones into our hands and anyone can contact anyone from anywhere at any point of time. Here my point is what was so limited few decades back is now mainstream. However, this is going to happen many times more. Like it has happened with the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution and with the Information revolution. This article focuses on technology trends making their baby steps currently and have the potential to become mainstream soon.

1.The virtual reality promises a different world:

top 10 technology

image credits :Vrone

After many years of waiting and eternal promises, finally the users can choose from several models of VR Headsets for full immersion. 2015 was the year companies like Samsung started bringing these technology trends to market with the Gear VR, overtaking competition bragging for years with their pilot projects. And it so happens to be that 2016 is consolidation year for this technology in different fields.

At least, it will be the first year where consumers can experience total immersion from headsets of different manufacturers. Thus, the already known and marketed Samsung devices will join those of Oculos Rift, Sony and HTC and Valve. The first one just announced that its virtual reality system goes on sale for $ 600. On the other hand, the Japanese company has recently released its earlier codenamed ‘Morpheus’, Playstation VR into the market.

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Although currently entertainment is the most attention and interest grabbing at the beginning, these technology trends also brings with it many applications in the worlds of education, marketing or health.

2. Goodbye to cash and cards

top 10 technology trends

Image credits: business2community

Samsung, Apple and Google have launched and are constantly developing their systems to enable mobile pay with the guarantees of security. The growing power of the mobile device against any other payment will push mobile payments to mainstream soon. It is currently one of the priorities of the tech industry.

The South Korean firms have already launched intuitive software to accept such payments. The simplicity is quite surprising too. Coupling it along with universality will be effective in any establishment currently using credit card for payments.

3. 5G Progress to multiply bandwidth

Top 10 technology trends

Image credits: merinews

Ericsson, Huawei and other networking vendors are working overtime to make 5G a reality by 2018. Although there is a lot of 5G discussions, implementation of this technology will be such a qualitative leap that 2016 is too early for its implementation.

Globally mobile networks are working together to bring this Next Generation Mobile Network standardisation to devices. This new supersonic speed broadband will allow the actual development of the Internet of Things (IoT) in which 50,000 million devices will be interconnected and sending information.

4. Mobile, absolute king leisure and business


top 10 technology trends

Image credits:runrun

In no time, you will no longer miss any program in the smartphone that works with the PC. Every month, the number of minutes dedicated to smartphones are increasing at the expense of time we spend in front of the computer screen.

Mobile devices are winning the battle to the desktops. We can say that the newer operating systems are being designed for both mobile and computer use. So all the programs work with the same ease on the phone to the computer.

Windows in particular has done a good job with Windows 10 bringing it to all platforms. It is true that, for now, Windows is only present in 3% of the phones, but the giant once founded by Bill Gates is confident that its growth will be exponential as users discover the power and possibilities that Windows 10 offers in the palm of your hand. In fact, its executives have set a goal to reach  more than one billion smartphone sales worldwide just three years.

5. More driver-less vehicles

top 10 technology trends

Image credits:tctechcrunch

Perhaps the current laws prevent vehicles driving by themselves but the race for that autonomy is achieving significant improvements in safety. It is something that has become very clear in the latest edition of CES in Las Vegas. The keynote address by the chairman of an automobile company Volkswagen, Herberd Diess showcases just that.

Among all these automakers General Motors, BMW, Audi, Fiat Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes, Toyota and Volkswagen- accounted for a quarter of the exhibition area. This sector is also now concentrating on gradually abandoning fossil fuels and focussing on electric and hybrid power.

As has also become very clear in the past CES, the software will be the main differentiating factor between those cars of the future.

6. Second generation apps in wearables

top 10 technology trends

Image credits:androidauthority

The wearables technology trends will be consolidated in this year 2016. This will be so by improving the hardware and, above all, by the arrival of a second generation of applications that provide a real differential value for the user.

It is no coincidence that virtually all manufacturers of smartphones has in its catalog a smart watch. In fact, consumers are also interested in acquiring a SmartBand or a smartwatch to keep track of their health. Besides applications for measuring health and sport -the most popular wearables so far – also come with other productivity apps.

Thus, based on the benefits that can be achieved with these technology trends there is lot of progress in this area.

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