Computer Security : How To Stay Hidden In A Computer Network
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Computer Security : How To Stay Hidden In A Computer Network

Whenever you surf the Internet, you leave pieces of information through which one can track your activities. All this information is recorded by your ISP.

What can we in order to leave no trace at all? One of the options would be browse TOR ( The Onion Router ), a large network of computers that are completely anonymous. But the only risk is that any registered computer in that network can sniff your information.

Another option would be through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) , even here we can not ensure hundred percent security as they have some security flaws , and also payment are too faces.

To overcome this problem, we are introducing a simple and quick way to surf the net by hiding your presence. That is by using the application Hotspot Shield. This program acts as a VPN to mask your IP address, and here we explain how.

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Steps To Hide Your Trace By Using Hotspot Shield :

1. Download Hotspot Shield program from their official page here and install it.

2. Once installed it will automatically proceed to the configuration.

Computer Security : How To Stay Hidden In A Computer Network

3. Now you will be directed to the ” Tab Detection Network ” where you can configure the behavior of Hotspot Shield to detect internet connections. By default, the VPN tunnel is activated when you connect to a new or an unknown network, so it is advisable to leave it as same.

4. General Menu, here you can configure some of the common settings like display in notification panel, add as a start up program and many more.

5. To enable protection, just click on connect and begin the process of VPN connection. After a few minutes it goes from yellow to green which confirms everything went well. If you want to stop then just press the red button.

6. To choose the country from which you want to connect, just move on to the main screen where you can set your Virtual location (select the country from which you want to connect). By this you can even access the websites that are restricted in your country keeping your identity safe.


After this last step we can extend our VPN where we can navigate without a trace. Hotspot Shield has a free version and also a paid one. Other similar programs for this purpose are Spotflux and TunnelBear.

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