Affiliate Link Policy

In many of our product focused articles, you’ll find text links and graphics that redirect to Amazon and such other reputable retailers. If you click on these affiliate links, and end up buying something from the retailer, we earn a small commission from your purchase. This revenue helps keep the lights on at OnlineCmag and ensures our team can continue to research and publish tips & tricks, how-tos and analyze various technologies of the highest standards.

The inclusion of affiliate links does not influence the content we are creating, it is only the other way around. We committedly evaluate products with integrity, and inclusion of affiliate links should not be misunderstood as a product endorsement.

However, we attempt to use affiliate links across all product mentions, regardless of whether a product receives poor, average, or exceptional interest. Most of the while if you don’t find a link attached to a product, it’s likely we couldn’t find trustable online retailers selling that product at time of publication.

Amazon is currently our primary affiliate partner. Hence you may have already noticed that we often use Amazon links when recommending products. We are consumers too and many of the products we play with are purchased from Amazon.

In short, if you do decide to use our links to purchase a product, we get paid a small commission, and in turn, you’ll shop with confidence knowing that Amazon will deliver your product safely.

If you have any further queiries on our affiliate link policy, please send an email to [email protected]