EyeFinity technology: Applications of GPUs
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The Applications For Which GPUs are Tailor-made for

The GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) is known to have exceptional 2D and 3D image processing capabilities. While they are built for accelerating image outputs and videos quality, that’s not it! The modern graphic cards carry with them GPUs which can perform much complex calculations which a CPU would take much time for. Anyways, there actually are several applications which are powered only due to the capabilities these GPUs possess. In this article we take you through all such applications which are tailor-made for a GPU.

Applications Tailor-made for GPUs:

While there are many applications of GPUs spanning over different fields, here are few relevant to many of us.

  • High-End Gaming:

The Applications For Which GPUs are Tailor-made for

Well, this may be very obvious that the GPU improves your gaming experience. Built to bring in 3D gaming experience to computers; all those high detail games, being developed and marketed only rely on the technologies these GPUs have brought home at affordable prices. While this advantage may be quite appealing to hardcore gamers, even those who work with word processors or graphics might drop into that occasional game, at least to cool some nerves.

Try running any of the modern games without a graphic card and then you’ll the difference.

  • Video Acceleration:

The Applications For Which GPUs are Tailor-made for

One such application which probably could drain the most advanced CPU resources is, video. Generally, all that High quality video output requires a lot of decoding of the compressed data. Here the GPU must first decode all the complex data that it is presented with by the High Definition video streams, and then output it again in such high quality (either in the same format or after transcoding into some other high-quality format).

This eats up tremendous computing resources and always the CPUs capability to perform such complex operations is under question. This application is a boon to users who watch blue-ray movies and High Definition Videos.

  • The Adobe Creative Suite:

The Applications For Which GPUs are Tailor-made for

The latest development of the Adobe Systems, the Adobe Creative Suite 4 offers top class details when used in presence of a GPU. All those additional filters in the products like Photoshop CS4, Premiere Pro CS4 usually require high level computations which is not that easy for many benchmark CPUs present today to carry out.

But anyways, since that it is only with few filters and effect not everyone may experience the development these products have come up with. And the advantage they are taking of the GPU capabilities, but nonetheless, GPUs are bringing about that change.

  • Other Productivity Tools :

The Applications For Which GPUs are Tailor-made for

You may wonder how using PowerPoint or some other such Office service could utilize GPU capabilities, but the truth be told, the difference in experience makes all the difference. The Microsoft Office 10 offers graphics acceleration for its elements like Word, PowerPoint.

These applications hardly test the benchmarks of a GPU but with the Eyefinity technology that AMD has developed, GPUs have to put up some performance. And surely for consumers it benefits running Word, Excel and PowerPoint on three screens simultaneously.

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