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How Do I Automatically Shutdown My Computer At A Certain Time

Automating tasks is the best way to let your computer do all the work and save you time and hassle. That includes shutdown your PC or Mac whenever you want to even when you are not in front of it. While working for hours in front of your computer, at some point or other you may want to rest and let it be, especially if it is your work computer. But if you have to leave and you computer is still performing a certain tasks, such as downloading a heavy file or performing some maintenance action.

What do you do if you cannot interrupt that task? In that case, let it finish and let Windows or Mac shutdown at the end. Shutting down your PC or Mac automatically is something you can do, either using specialized programs or directly with the Windows and Mac OS options. Let’s see how to put it into practice.

Previously on OnlineCmag, we saw how to schedule certain tasks with the Windows Task Scheduler. These tasks include shutting down Windows. You can choose a specific time or when something happens.

If you prefer a faster option, here is the solution: Just press Windows + R key and enter the command shutdown -s -t plus the time in seconds to wait until the automatic switch-off to be activated. For example, if you want your Windows computer to shut down in two hours then just you write shutdown -s -t 7200 (2 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds).

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Shutdown your Mac automatically in Mac OS:

The same can be done in Mac OS. If you want to shut down your Mac at any time without having to touch anything, go to System Preferences> Saver and pressing Program … activate the Shut Down option (it also serves to start the Mac, to restart it and to put it to sleep).

Then set the time-out period (a specific day, weekdays, weekend, every day … and a specific time of 24 hours.

Programs to shutdown your PC:

My first recommendation is Wise Auto Shut-Down, a free and very easy to use Windows program that serves to shut down your PC the moment you set it. You will receive a warning 5 minutes before the shutdown is activated and you can delay it for a few minutes or a few hours.

In addition to shut-down, you can also restart, hibernate, idle or simply close the user session. You can choose a specific time and day, every day at a certain time, from now on X minutes or hours or when the PC does not perform any task for X minutes.

With WinMend Auto Shut-Down you can also shut down your PC, hibernate, suspend it or close your user session every day, at a specific time or after a few hours or minutes. As in the previous case, a warning window will appear, this time with a countdown of 30 seconds.

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Another practical tool of automatic shutdown is AMP WinOFF , more complete than previous ones, since in addition to allowing the shutdown according to a specific day or time, allows to configure it to turn off when there is no activity of the CPU or network , When no program is running or no access the internet or when the user is not performing any action or task.

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