How to Avoid Malicious Softwares Using Google Chrome
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How to Avoid Malicious Softwares Using Google Chrome

Internet is full of all kinds of software , and also a part of it are the malicious software. These software could be used against us and can help hackers steal our data, monitor our tasks, infect our devices, for the economic benefit of the creator, and many more.

It is impossible to find a method that works 100% to avoid this malware infection, but we always have some kind of protection if we have adequate security. Although as I have always said the best antivirus is common sense. Still, not everyone is ready to surf the Internet without any kind of ” shield ” .

How to Avoid Malicious Softwares Using Google Chrome , Avoid Malicious Softwares , Avoid Malicious Softwares

In recent years, Google has been developing a type of protection system that can notify us when potential threats are detected by the Google Chrome. It is useful for people who don’t use any protection. It is not foolproof, because no antivirus is 100% accurate but can definitely save us from some unexpected frights.

The project takes a long time in development by Google and the system is already well advanced. It warns you when the Google Chrome note that some malware can affect your computer . It is available for Windows, Android, Linux, and Mac OS. Probably we will see this option in the official versions of Google Chrome in 2016.

Steps To Activate The ” Avoid Malicious Software ” option :

To activate this option we should access the hidden browser options of Google Chrome. This page contains information about all the on  going projects which Chrome is undertaking and are not 100% completed. Now, just copy and paste the below Line to the address url bar of your Google Chrome and hit enter .


Now the hidden browser feature page of Google chrome will be displayed.

In malware interstitial version select the ” New version ” option from the scroll down menu. After this you need to restart the browser and then it will automatically start its work.

It may not provide complete and highly efficient protection, but fine for people living idly surfing the Internet. In addition, it will help Google Chrome in testing one of their new projects which have good sense, which then lets you go faster.

Note :  1.) Don’t Try to change any other options in the hidden browser feature section as they are not yet tested and the consequences could be severe .

2.) If at all by the time you are trying this, if you can’t find this option on that page, it is to be understood that the feature is already added to your Chrome as an update.

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