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Baahubali VR Experience: AMD Builds BB360cc VR Camera Exclusively For Baahubali

AMD has always been an ardent supporter to Virtual Reality (VR). This support is notable from its products (like VR-Ready Graphic Cards) and various collaborations aiming the growth and development of this buzzing technology. One new move in this direction is the unveiling of the AMD Radeon BB360cc. This camera was built exclusively for capturing cinematic quality 360 videos for the movie, Baahubali.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, sequel to a raging hit that rocked Indian Cinema last year is all set to break new records. Only recently, Rajamouli announced Baahubali’s work in the Virtual Reality domain and shared that there will be two kinds of VR experience. The first of these VR experiences is released. Through this you can take a virtual tour along the sets of this mega movie. Put on your VR Headsets and give it a shot right now.

The second VR experience  shown to the attendees of MAMI 2016 is ‘The Sword of Baahubali’. This VR experience offers viewers a glimpse into film’s characters, locations, and powerful drama. This experience will be available next year in the month of April.

Baahubali VR Experience Initiatives By The Team

This second part of this Baahubali series has bigger and grander plans for its fans. It is all set to install virtual reality booths all across the country. Through these fans can enjoy experiences of being virtually present on the sets.

It is announced that the makers will be installing these VR booths costing of Rs 25 crore. These are said to span across the country.

This means you can go behind the screen and watch the making of the best war sequences featured in the first movie of the franchise.

There are again two ways in which you can experience all this backstage drama. Either you can use the VR booths or access this VR content through YouTube.

The director, Rajamouli has taken a step forward and made a video. In this he explains the entire procedure you need to follow to enjoy the Baahubali VR experience. Before you watch this video make sure you have any of these Virtual Reality devices (or headsets) and a good speed internet connection. Because you’ll have to watch these videos in maximum resolution to really have an immersive experience.

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