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Here Is The Ultimate Beginners Guide In Understanding The Motherboard

If you have ever opened the casing of your computer you probably have looked at the one piece of circuitry board on which every component is mounted on. Motherboard, System board, Main board or Mobo is that one piece of equipment in your computer that binds the rest. It is the common platform for your CPU and Memory related components. More technically speaking, it can be said that motherboards help all the components in your computer to receive power and communicate with each other.

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Basics Of A Motherboard :

Well if you know about a PCB, then you can consider a motherboard to be a PCB with the expansion ability. If you have no idea what a PCB is don’t worry, just assume the motherboard to be a semiconductor-plank on which every component and the connections between components lie on.

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Modern computers are built up of motherboards which boast a variety of features. They play a vital role and directly effect the computer’s potential for further upgrades. Got it? Good lets broaden our understanding a little further.

ultimate beginners guide of motherboard

Actually a motherboard alone is of no use to the computer. Believe Me!! It is similar to wires which are not conducting. But that doesn’t make the electrical and electronic devices function without wires. Just like wires are crucial to every electrical device, so is the motherboard to every computer.

The main function of it is to hold the processor chip and allow every other component to connect to it. All of these connections are not the same. In any motherboard the CPU, Main Memory and other essential components are housed. Several other components including the external storage, video cards, audio cards and many peripherals can be attached as plug-in (or) via-cables. More advanced computers have lot of these integrated into the motherboard directly.

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Leading Manufacturers:

Generally all the the manufacturers build their motherboards to suit the Intel processors and AMD processors. Intel which is famous for its excellent processors has a motherboard manufacturing division too. Unlike other manufacturers, Intel motherboards are custom made for their processors only. ASUS is the leading manufacturer followed closely by Gigabyte. MSI, ECS, Intel are the several other well established manufacturers.

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