Best Introducing The Best And Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop

Introducing The Best And Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop

The most professional application that has existed for years in the market for editing and retouching photos is Adobe Photoshop, but its high price is causing other applications that offer similar options to become a big gap in the market and their usage is growing rapidly , even in professional fields.

Best Introducing The Best And Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop

Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop :

The application that we are going to introduce is ” GIMP “, and it is possible that you have already heard of it, even if you have never tried it.

Its market share had grown widely and is no longer strange even if we find jobs that request us to know this tool directly or indirectly. Soon as this application has become a serious contender to be the dominant in the field of photo editing software.

GIMP has plenty of advantages, starting with its cost. Its a freeware with more hundreds of editing options.

Salient Features Of ” GMIP ” :

Best Introducing The Best And Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop


  1. Multiple Selections : Rectangular, spherical, hand loop, magic wand, color, investment, juxta position, etc.
  2. Painting Tools : Brush, airbrush, fill, textures, gradients, etc.
  3. Extensible Sets Of Brushes.
  4. Modification Tools : De scaling, skewing, deformation, cloned plane, cloned into perspective and brush cured.
  5. Tool for creating and manipulating text.
  6. Colored filters : Focus, blur, deletion or addition of spots, shadows, color mapping, etc.
  7. Effects and image processing.
  8. Wizard for creating buttons, logos or other images.
  9. Create and edit masks.
  10. Creating and editing routes.
  11. Simple calculation and measurement of lengths and angles.
  12. Advanced to undo, the work options in case you want to change what you have done.
  13. Full management of macros : Automating tasks using macros or scripts.
  14. Extensions : offers community-developed extensions for adding functionality to the application.

All these features are supported by a community that, in addition to provide technical support to users and provide a forum to help , are in continuous evolution for an even better product.

As you can see, the options for editing photos are stunning and GIMP has nothing to envy any professional photo editing software and payment, so we suggest you try and comment us your experience.

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