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These Online Programming Competitions Are The Best

Internet in more than one ways has fast become the best tool for all class of people. Today, the web is a collection of almost everything; Entertainment, News, Study Resources you name it and it’s there online. This situation has almost developed a win-win situation for both companies and the masses.

Companies have already started taking advantage of online competitions to pick out the best among the crowd. There actually are a lot of websites these days where you can compete with pioneers in different fields, given you are eligible. This article highlights the best online programming competitions across the internet. So, if you are a programmer here’s where you get to check how good a programmer you are.

These Online Programming Competitions Are The Best

The Best Programming Competitions



The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) is the most prestigious programming competition for college students, sponsored by IBM. After years from when it actually started, the ICPC has developed into the best contest that helps programmers showcase their potential in computer science.

It is known as one of the toughest programming contests on earth. You can check out a lot more information on this contest in its official website:

Initially you start in the regional level and once you clear them, you get to participate in world finals held in different continents each year.


  • Top Coder

Top Coder is another such competitions which tests your mettle to the core. Considered to be a most sought out programming competition, Top Coder is one of the largest communities in itself. All the members of these communities work on industry related problems and win cash prizes and fame. There are a variety of fields you can compete in Top Coder, and win cool gift hampers and cash prizes.

The best and somewhat unique part about Top Coder is their rating system. Its members are constantly rated based on their success and the one best rated programmer is awarded as the best coder over time. So, simply with Top Coder the more you compete, the better placed you will be.

Check out more about Top Coder on its official website:


  • Google Code Jam

Of the many contests Google conducts every now and then, Google Code Jam is one prominent programming competition among them. It is a multi round competition and is open for all internationally. Google uses this competition to filter the most talented programmers and place them within its organization.

This competition is time based and the participants are expected to solve algorithmic puzzles and problems. Anyways, participants can use any programming languages, text editors and development software for their solutions. Most part of the competition is online but the finals is an onsite event, similar to the ACM ICPC.

The official website of this programming competition is:


  • Microsoft Imagine Cup

Microsoft is not far beyond Google in picking out its employees through an international competition. This competition brings together programming minds from all corners of the world to find solutions for the toughest of problems. This competition is further divided based on fields and Software Design is one of the five major technology competitions.

This competition is a once-per-year event, while there are also monthly challenges, where participants are to write a given snippet of code using as less lines as possible.

Find out more about this competition on the official website:


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