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Top Virtual Reality Headset For Gaming In 2017

Virtual Reality has continued to gain popularity with lots of content and devices launched throughout 2016, and, with much to look for in 2017. However, the market is still fresh and it could be difficult to know what to look for from a  Virtual Reality device. So, we have compiled this list of some of the finest VR Headsets you can get your hands around.

Whether you are looking for a VR headset that costs less than $10 and works perfectly with your smartphone or if you want to immerse yourself completely with the most powerful system available, we got you all covered.

virtual reality headsets

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Virtual Reality Headsets For Gaming:

Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming

#1 HTC Vive – Overall Best Performer

The HTC Vive (PC based) VR Headset is powered by Valve steam VR and built by the mobile phones manufacturer, HTC. This virtual reality headset is the complete package you can buy right now to experience complete top of the line VR content.

You can roam around the room while in VR mode, thanks to the IR sensor based wall-mounted tracking system from Vive. It tops almost any list of best virtual reality headsets for gaming without any doubt. If you can afford it, just go for it, there’s nothing much better than it.

HTC Vive VR: Virtual Reality Headsets

The design too is superb and the light receptors provided on the front of the headgear,  part of the motion tracking system) appear like little glass plates all over the front face.

virtual reality headsets

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#2 Oculus Rift – Best For Design And Power

Oculus will be remembered forever for making Virtual Reality content consumption possible. Though initially it was specifically designed for video games, it has already been transforming gaming experiences altogether. Oculus Rift has been pouring in billions of investments in their game development sections and if it pays off, Rift users will have loads of feature rich content to enjoy.

The headset itself provides an incredible 110° wide field of view along with high-resolution display and comes with ultra-low latency head tracking technology.

Oculus VR Headset : Types of VR and virtual reality headsets

The Rift provides a truly immersive experience that takes you a step inside your favorite game and helps explore new worlds in next level.

The integrated audio system too is designed perfectly for VR. It gives users amazing sound experiences both in terms of depth and space, fooling the senses easily. It’s controllers (Oculus Touch Controllers) too are designed to perfection and has better finishing than those of the HTC Vive. To sum up, this is the grand daddy of VR Headsets and has lot in store for its users.

#3 Samsung Gear VR – Best For Smartphones

Samsung Gear VR is the best mobile compatible VR Headset designed for Samsung smartphones including – Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note, S6 Edge+, S6 Edge, and S6. This VR headset comes with padded lining, thus, making the device more comfortable to use, even with glasses. It weighs just 11.2 ounces and has dimensions of 4.6 x 8 x 3.6 inches.

Virtual Reality Gaming Headsets

The other best thing about Gear VR is that it’s compatible with the Oculus VR content. This means you can access all the premium VR content designed for the big boys from the Gear VR. You can enjoy all the 360 degrees photos and videos content now available from your smartphone using this lightweight low power consuming headset.

Except few heating issues, common with Samsung smartphones, this an absolutely worthy product (even though it is priced high compared to the other mobile compatible VR headsets. If you are a Samsung smartphone user, you have to give this headset a try.

virtual reality headsets

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#4 Google Daydream View – Comfort And Future of Android in VR

Google Daydream View is the next-gen VR Headset made by Google. While the Cardboard VR box, Google’s earlier VR concept was all about laying foundations for VR content, Daydream is the future for Google and Android in virtual reality.

The Daydream View is currently limited only to Daydream-ready phones – Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL handsets – but will become a standard with more manufacturers supporting it.

The big plus with  Daydream View is the comfort it provides. Unlike its rivals, this VR Headset is built with soft material. If you have already used the Google Cardboard, it goes without saying that there is rich content available for this device and is completely VR games ready.

Your Thoughts:

How do you like our top picks? What were your experiences with any of these VR headsets? If you have any other VR Headsets you fell in love with playing VR games, do write about them in the comments section below.

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