The Best Wireless Keyboards For Everyone

Its’ sheer human tendency to like working comfortably i.e without taking any strain, or in other words in a good posture. Some people like to work in more flexible manner than the others. For all those who like to work comfortably and flexibly with these computers, here are the best wireless keyboards .

Here Are The Best Wireless Keyboards of 2014:

> Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750
Image Courtesy By : Logitech

Features:The Logitech Wireless K750 is a solar powered wireless keyboard. It charges when there is light and can stay up to three months in darkness. So you’ll no longer have any problem of charging it any more. It has advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connection. It comes with Logitech unify receiver which can be used to connect compatible mouse or keyboard without any hassle. It has plug and play simplicity without the need of any software. It is something like1/3 inch thick, that’s pretty slim. Finally it is eco-friendly with an absolute PVC-free construction.



> Logitech-illuminated-k800
Image Courtesy By : Amazon

Features: The logitech-illuminated-k800 has adjustable and Laser-etched backlit with automatic backlighting nature. It has hand proximity detection which allows you to turn the backlit on or off when hands approach keyboard, works like magic! It has PerfectStroke™ key system which distributes typing force evenly across key surfaces. It has these Logitech® Incurve keys™, and allows for your fingertips to glide from key to key. It has fast, easy recharging feature by connecting any micro USB for 3-6 hours. And then its charge can be sustained for ten days.



> Inateck BK1003E
Image Courtesy By : pcadvicer

Features: The inateck BK10003E wireless keyboard has comfortable key-design with noise reduction and the round key cap design is for that extra convenient fast typing. This wireless keyboard is a universal keyboard which supports Apple, Android and Windows operating systems. It has a super efficient built-in 200mA lithium battery and the battery is replaceable. It battery can work for up to 4 months in standby without charging with 8 hours of continuous use every day.



> Microsoft All-in-one Media Keyboard
Image Courtesy By : cnet

Features: The Microsoft All-in-one Media Keyboard is a perfect keyboard for your living room or your home office. It is a full size keyboard with an integrated touch trackpad using which you can type,click,drag, swipe,  zoom and that too with ease. It has customizable hot keys for the web, favorite music and photos at your fingertips are now at your fingertips. It has a durable design too.

If you are planning to go with any one of these or if you are already using any of these, do share your experiences and queries with us below in the Comment Box.

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