The Blue Screen of Death
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What Do You Think Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is?

If you are using any of the Windows operating system, chances are that you encountered a blue screen with white words and then all you can do is reboot your computer.

Everything About the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

If it hasn’t happened with you, that’s really good and we wish it doesn’t happen any sooner as well. But if you see it quite often, its better to take few measures. Anyway in this article we walk you through a lot of fancy stuff about this General Protection Fault (GPF) error which is commonly called the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ error.

The Blue Screen of Death

BSoD: The Consequences

This error message or the error screen is usually generated by the operating system itself when there is an unexpected error, which is beyond its scope. At this instant the operating system is all powerless and gets abruptly terminated. In many cases it is also accompanied with loss of work. The Blue Screen of Death error is considered to be the worst among the errors computers usually experience. And there is every reason you shouldn’t expect it!

BSoD: The Causes

The BSoD is generated in case of software crashes or during some hardware issues. Generally, the software which users use aren’t so capable of leading to a BSoD but the lapses in driver software could provoke such drastic consequences.

Though our computers encounter several application crashes overtime but none of them are so intense that they could bring the operating system down along with them.

This blue screen is displayed when there is a ‘stop message’ windows receives. This error causes the windows to crash; though the programs can’t save data, even under such critical situation the windows operating systems manage to create a file and write to it the information of the crash. This information is very important in pin-pointing the cause of such massive crash, and provides a good lead in troubleshooting them later.

Bottom Line:

A computer in the most ideal condition shouldn’t go blue, but mistakes do happen and nothing is perfect. These errors are so common and can strike any computer anywhere. Even Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft had his share of experience with the Blue Screen of Death error in a public demonstration of the Windows 98, luckily he had a spare computer with him.!

If your computer displays a Blue Screen of Death message once in a blue-moon you shouldn’t be worried that alright, but if it happens much often you have got a problem.

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