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Calling Without Network Coverage

The nightmare of every traveler is always the same: will there be a coverage? And if so, how much will it cost me? If you do not care about the costs, you can always use roaming. Although most use free services like Skype, the only bad thing is that our contacts also have to have the application and an account in it.
Skype, Tango, Viber and now also WhatsApp are the most popular applications, but the service itself does not have the same quality as traditional calls. Most of the time or there is a small delay leading the conversation to absurd limits of understanding or we hear our own voice even go crazy. Quiet that there is an alternative.
Is there no coverage? Nothing happens.
Call even without coverage!
As in most of the time in the Android world, an application comes to the rescue, to solve all our problems. This time it is Libon which is the acronym for “Life Is Better ON”. With Libon we can make and receive calls even if our smartphone does not have coverage, we only need a WiFi connection. We can also save on international calls and also work through the mobile data network.
• Download Libon from Google Play

How does it work:

It is very simple but at the same time very elegant: If you do not have network coverage in the terminal (for example you are on a plane), incoming calls will be sent free of charge to the Libon service and will arrive to the application that you have installed in your Device (in case the plane has WiFi connection, there are).
In this way, the sender can call from a landline any and we will be able to talk quietly using the WiFi connection without any additional charge on both sides. Calls between users of Libon are also free, even has a messaging service, let’s just like WhatsApp.

The thing changes a bit when we want to make a call to another number. The first time you check in you will be able to enjoy 30 minutes free calls. Then you’ll have 15 minutes per month free, plus 30 minutes for each friend who starts using Libon, up to a maximum of 60 minutes per month.
If this is not enough you can also buy packages of minutes. Packages start in 10 minutes for € 0.99 (the call comes to 9.9 cents/minute) and end with 400 minutes for 11.99 (the call remains 3 cents/minute).

30 minutes free to start.

How to use Libon:

Getting started is very easy. Just download the application from Google play to install it. The first time you start you will be asked to register with your Libon account and if you do not have it you can sign up quickly. For registration you need your name, surname and a phone number to confirm the account, you can confirm both SMS and phone call.
Once activated the account will receive the free 30 minutes, which we can use until the end of the month. It is done. Now you just have to activate the WiFi connection on your smartphone and start receiving calls without needing network coverage.
• The receiver does not need to install the application (of course it has its advantages if it installs it).
• You can receive calls from the mobile network or from the WiFi connection.
• 15 minutes of free calls per month (expandable up to 60 minutes).
• Free and unlimited call and messaging service with users who also use Libon.
• SMS backup/synchronization service from the application and from the official Libon website (you must log in with the email and password defined in the application).
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