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Here Are Few Common FAQs on Graphic Cards

There have always been several doubts in the minds of people regarding graphic cards. The penultimate question is where to clarify those doubts. While there are umpteen websites on the internet advertising and recommending hundreds of different models, the curious few always have a few questions unanswered. So this article is an attempt to answer as many questions as possible. But due to various constraints we have limited this discussion to common questions we were posed regarding graphic cards. But fell free to write us any of the doubts you have.

Here Are Few Common FAQs on Graphic Cards

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These are some FAQs on graphic cards:


Q: Why does anyone need a graphic card?

A: Graphic card plays a major role in your computer. It processes all the graphics and thereby takes some pressure off your computer’s memory (RAM). This in particular is a real bonus for gamers. Simply speaking, the coupling of CPU and GPU (graphics processing unit) is like added RAM to your computer, which makes it even faster.


Q: Should I buy a graphic card?

A: Well the answer to this question completely depends on what purpose you use your computer for. If you are love playing computer games and want to try out all the latest games in the market, you have no option but to purchase one. In case you are not such a fan of computer games, but do a mid-range gaming then you should first take a look at the integrated graphics your computer has and if the RAM size is also good, and the performance and speed satisfactory; you don’t actually need one. But if you have the habit of connecting your computer to a projector or Big TV screens you need a graphic card to provide you better resolutions. If you are a office pro and hardly use your computer for nothing other than web surfing and documents you better put this idea out of your mind.


Q: Why go for an external graphic card when I have integrated graphics?

A: Often an integrated graphic card performs low than what it talks about. It is a part of the motherboard and cannot be taken off. But with the external graphic cards that’s not the case. They fit into your motherboard’s expansion slots perfectly and keep in mind you can select one which aptly suits your needs.


Q: Are there any graphic cards for laptops?

A: Actually in the case of laptops there are no “cards” but graphic processors are inbuilt to take care of the visual processing. So next time you purchase a laptop keep this in mind and make sure you pick up the ones with the right graphics specification which suits you.

There are also a few graphic cards which can be connected externally through the USB, but the performance they offer is really a question mark.


Q: Can I replace a DDR2 graphic card with a DDR3 card?

A: Yes you can. All the graphic cards manufactured are till date backward compatible. All you need is an expansion slot for the new graphic card to fit in and that’s it.!!


Q: What graphic card should I choose?

A:  Graphic cards come with different memory specifications. These are from 128MB, 256MB and so on up to 16 (or) 32GB. You should select one based on what purpose you are going to use them for. We recommend you to go for not more than a 2GB card if your primary intent is gaming. All games in the market now perfectly run with this specification with no lags. If you are working on some graphic development or designing only then go for cards with higher memory.


Q: How will I know if the graphic card is good?

A: There are two phases in which this question can be answered. If this question is in your head before you purchase one then you have all the internet within your grasp. You can visit different websites which offer you good information or you can even try our article on the best graphic cards.

If this question is in your head after the purchase, we are sorry to say so but you won’t experience any miracles in the way your screen looks or anything. Start running high-graphics required applications, or run some high-end games or 3D software and then you will experience something which you couldn’t earlier.


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