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Typing Tips and Tricks: Common keyboard Typing Mistakes We All Make

Did you ever come across the terms ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’ or ‘tendinitis’?? But what did they have to do with keyboards?? Well, for your quick understanding, these are wrist and arm related disorders caused due to faulty keyboard typing practices. In this article, we take you through some of the most common keyboard typing mistakes we commit and try to find a solution to avoid them.

Keyboards are the input devices on which we spend a maximum amount of time to interact with our computers. They are almost unavoidable. While typing, most of us neglect quite a few norms.

This carelessness could result in painful consequences. Believe it or not, simply the manner in which you type matters a lot. Exactly speaking, the way your hands move over the keyboard might get you into deep painful trouble.

To ensure healthy and pain-free typing there is no alternative to perfect alignment of your forehand, hand and the fingers while typing. Here are a few ways in which you could be hurting those sensitive fingers and wrists.

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keyboard typing mistakes, tips and tricks

Keyboard Typing Mistakes And Disorders Caused by them:

#1 Isolating your fingers?? Watch out!!

For most of us, the first typing lessons teach us to place all the fingers on the keys and move each finger separately to tap a key. The only downside of this method is often you start reaching out for keys and this go on and on.

The alignment of your fingers is lost and your wrist starts to hurt. If you are one who is practicing this method, watch out for symptoms like pain in the top of the hand and forearm. If you have the occasional pain due to hours of typing, you need not worry much about it.

But if this pain is getting triggered even for short spans, you must consider this issue seriously. Tendinitis is the a symptom you need to watch for.

 #2 The Curling Fingers

Placing our fingers in the ASDF-JKL set is a very common thing. So once your fingers are done with their business (tapping a key) on the top row or the bottom row, they automatically are forced to curl back unintentionally.

But when we do this repeatedly, the three middle fingers stick together and curl to line up with the thumb and other fingers. Due to this movement and excessive curling, you could suffer pain in your fingers and forearms.

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 #3 Too Much Stretching and Twisting:

Tension or pain in the fingers, hand, or forearm could also be caused due to the twisting which occurs at the wrist joints. Our entire concentration is mostly confined to the work we are at than noticing the way our hands move.

If you feel pain either on the left or right side of the wrist better don’t neglect considering this issue seriously. It could even lead to the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Also, the height over which you are operating the keyboard, the angle at which your arms are placed on the keyboard all contribute to pain if not properly done.

keyboard typing mistakes, keyboard typing tips and tricks

The Bottom Line:

You could go around the internet looking for good typing practices. But based on our experience, whatever and however different people suggest, the proper alignment along with a coordinated motion of wrists and fingers can only eliminate the discomfort.

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