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This is How You Can Connect Two Computers With And Without A Wire

For a family or even for a small business, having their computers connected to each other can actually be an eminent way to share data, resources, and much more among them. In this article we will show you a few easy ways you can get your computers interconnected.

Methods to connect two computers:

Method 1: By Using Ethernet 

Ethernet Cable is used for connecting any two computers which do not have access to a shared network. By using it, you can built a direct connection between any two computer’s Ethernet ports.

For some computers we need a special cable known as the  crossover cable . Ethernet ports have both inputs and outputs. Here the crossover cable is switched in such a way that the output from one computer is connected to the input of the other computer.

connect two computers
Mostly present computers don’t need these special cables , as they are replaced with the most advanced ” Auto Medium Dependent Interface Crossover  “ . This crossover system will automatically set up the Ethernet port.

Mostly the recently launched computers of the Macintosh series don’t need a crossover cable.If you are not sure , better check your documentation to know what your system needs.

If that information is not available, just use a ” crossover cable ” , because an auto-sensing Ethernet port will make use of a crossover cable just same as the standard cable.

Method 2: By using a Mac as a Server :

Step 1: Share your computers as servers :

The advantage of sharing the computers as servers is that the drive icons of one computer will be shown up on the desktop of other computer in the form of volumes.

Step 2: Connect To Server :

Select the ” connect to server ” option from the Go menu. Now a dialog box containing the list of favorite servers will be displayed.

If the targeted computer’s IP address is not displayed in the dialog box , Then Browse for the address or type the targeted computer’s address in the server address bar.

Step 3: Connect :

Click on the connect button. Now a password dialog box will be displayed . Enter the information required in the password dialog box. Now a pop up notification will be displayed , showing the volume of the targeted computer.

Once the drive icons of the targeted system are displayed on your computer , you can use those drive as the usual system drives.

These are some the top methods to connect two computers . Share your views in the comments…


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