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Can You Chat Using Just The Command Prompt ? You Can Now!

Have you ever thought that a command prompt can be used as a messenger? Yes, it’s possible. And you can do it yourself. By using command prompt as a chat messenger you can chat through a network ( like school’s or office networks ) i.e you can talk to your friend without downloading any chat software. Follow these steps below to chat using command prompt.

Steps To Build Messenger To Chat Using Command Prompt

Step 1: Open your notepad and copy-paste the below code in it.

chat with command prompt

@ echo off
set /p n=User:
set / p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%
Goto A

Step 2: Now save that file with a ” .bat ” extension i.e as ” Messenger.bat “.

chat with command prompt

Step 3: Go to your control panel and change the ” view by: ” option to ” Large icons ” (i.e a Classic View). Now click on the “administrative tools”, then click on the “services”.

chat with command prompt

Step 4: Now find the ” messenger ” service in the list displayed on the right and open it. Under the ” startup type ” check weather it is in disabled mode or not, No click on that and select ” manual “.

How To Make Chat With Command Prompt :

How To Make Chat With Command Prompt :Step 5: Now click on the start button which is located in the upper right-hand corner of the window and click apply.

How To Make Chat With Command Prompt :Step 6: Now do the same procedure on the remote computer which you wanna chat. Until you activate this service on both the PC ‘s you won’t be able to use this!

Step 7: Now click on your messenger file. As it is a batch file it will be opened in cmd (command prompt). It should show ” MESSENGER ” at the top and then followed by ” User: “.

Now type in the IP address of the remote computer which you want to chat. If that remote computer is on the network, then the message you typed will be sent to them. It will be likewise on the other computer.

Chat Messenger : 

chat with command prompt

11 thoughts on “Can You Chat Using Just The Command Prompt ? You Can Now!

  1. 123123asd says:

    hey im kinda getting the “syntax error something when i enter the ip address of the computer im going to chat with.

    1. OnlineCmag Team says:

      Can you attach the screenshot of the error message so that we can troubleshoot.

    2. vilzu2 says:

      net send doesn’t work. I made this instead

      @ echo off
      echo MESSENGER
      set /p n=Target IP:
      set /p m=Message:
      msg * /server:%n% “%m%”
      goto C

  2. Tarnue Pythagoras Borbor says:

    messenger is not listed in Control Panel/Administrative tools/services; I need help.
    can any one please help me?

    1. OnlineCmag Team says:

      Hi Tarnue, This will not be listed as an application in your control panel as this is a real time script not an application. You can directly ping to other system by using ip address.

      1. hedonist says:

        Pls How exactly? @onlinecmag team

        1. OnlineCmag Team says:

          follow the steps as mentioned in the post for both the computers which you want to communicate. Make sure that they are on same network. To make sure try pinging the other system from any computer. Now just enter the IP address and hit enter.

  3. Henri says:

    When i tipe in myfriends ip adress it says that the syntax of the command is wrong

  4. henrilol says:

    i am getting the error :the syntax of this command is incorrect” when i type in my friends ip, please help!

    1. OnlineCmag Team says:

      Hi Henri, we need some clarifications regarding your query in order to rectify the error.
      1. Have you done the whole process in both computers.
      2. Are these computers on same network.

      1. Ecodor says:

        Do the computers must be on the same network? If Yes, is it possible to make worldwide? If Yes, how much this is secure? @OnlineCmagTeam

  5. Gilbert says:

    How do you get the IP address?

    1. OnlineCmag Team says:

      Hi Gilbert,

      Check out this article to find your IP Address.

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