Daydream View is Googles' Ambitious Step Into Virtual Reality
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Daydream View is Googles’ Ambitious Step Into Virtual Reality

Google already took a unique step to creating Google Cardboard accessory. Allowing simple access to the world of virtual reality with the help of a smartphone. Now it has gone further with Daydream View, a new product that takes the experience one step further.

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The new virtual reality glasses of Google are the first to convert any supported device into  Daydream View ready. With the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL providing more immersive virtual reality experience than offered by any of the previous VR Headsets.

Daydream View: Google Mobile virtual reality

Daydream View is Googles' Ambitious Step Into Virtual Reality

Daydream View has a much elegant and stylish finish compared to its predecessors. These VR goggles, for the first time, allow users to control their view using a small remote control.

And to make it difficult for the user to misplace this remote controller, Google has smartly created a system to place this remote within the goggles when not in use.

Daydream View is Googles' Ambitious Step Into Virtual Reality

Including phones by Google, Pixel and Pixel XL, many other devices (as said by Google) will support the Daydream View VR.

Google did not mention of the requirements these other devices should have but it is logical enough to believe that the experience will be directly based on how high the phones’ resolution is.

Daydream View is Googles' Ambitious Step Into Virtual Reality

The Daydream View experience lacks any need for connectors and sports wireless connectivity. Once you place a phone into the glasses, both these devices connect automatically. You can then select the content you wish to view using the remote controller.

There will also be educational apps and of course games lining up to make use of this wonderful platform. Google also announced that 50 partners will offer their content before the end of the year and hundreds more from 2017.

There will also be prebuilt content starring Google services. These include for example Google Play, Movies and Google Photos. The unique feature of Street View will also gain from the immersive VR experience with these glasses. But if there is any particularly outstanding service, that is YouTube.

On YouTube you can not only enjoy all the content available on the “big screen” attached to your head, but also enjoy especially the VR contents. 360 degrees photos and videos content have become widely available and you can visit the above link to identify related immersive content. Once you have any of these VR Headsets you can start building your own VR games and edit 360 contents using Unreal Engine.

Daydream View availability and price

Daydream View is Googles' Ambitious Step Into Virtual Reality

Daydream View comes in three different colours. It will be available for orders from November at a price of $ 79. Google has not confirmed the specific availability dates or pricing by region. Once we get a chance to get our hands on this product we believe this will be a good alternative to all the other virtual reality devices we have reviewed in this article.

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