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PC Buying Guide: Difference between Core i3, i5, i7

We have been using PC’s(personal computer) and laptops since a very long time. In that we are having different Intel core processors in different laptops and PC’s. We use them every day and are almost an indispensable part of our lives, but do you know the difference between the Intel core i3, Intel core i5 and Intel core i7 ?

This great video below is not only for those tech geeks but imagine you are planning to buy a new laptop or PC, its easy to get confused among all the available number of laptop and PC specs.

So, this short video explains you the difference between core i3, core i5 and core i7 which  can help you a  lot in differentiating between core i3, core i5 and core i7 and choosing the one that fits perfectly for you.

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