Encrypt Your Hard Drive Or Pendrive Without Using Truecrypt
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Encrypt Your Hard Drive Or Pendrive Without Using Truecrypt

A few months ago, Truecrypt announced that it is closing all its services leaving all users who used the software rather than extended service with a method which can encrypt hard drive or pendrive.

Little or nothing is known about what happened to the software which is used with such a fame ceases trading from one day to another and if you visit their official site all you find is a warning message stating that the use of this software is unsecured.

Since the developer himself tells us that their application is not secure, so is time to look for an alternative to our data encryption. So here is the best alternative the”  VeraCrypt ” , it might be considered as the heir of the late Truecrypt.

This application is free and its source code is based on Truecrypt but has very great improvement especially in the area of security , in fact it is even more safer than the application on which it is based.


To get a clear idea about the encrypt power of this tool, we just compared the two encryption methods below :


Truecrypt : Uses an algorithm of 1,000 iterations to encrypt files and 2,000 for partitions.


VeraCrypt : Uses an algorithm of 327,661 iterations to encrypt files and more than 500,000 for partition.


Besides being really robust in terms of security, the use of the application is very simple. Just open the Veracrypt by double clicking on it and click on create volume option and follow the wizard.


Encrypt Your Hard Drive Or Pendrive Without Using Truecrypt


Indicate that once you have encrypted a device with VeraCrypt this may only be used on computers that contain this software installed , it will not be valid for any other encryption application available and of course will not be accessible in case of not having any tools.

For his tremendous security, simplicity and offered at no cost, we recommend VeraCrypt as an alternative to Truecrypt

CodePlex | VeraCrypt

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