history of video games ,story behind video games
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The Entire Story Behind The Video Games Addiction

Did you ever wonder how Video Games are made?? The answer is quite simple. Video game is a system of complex computer codes. Just like any other computer programs, these are developed by programmers and are interpreted and displayed by the computer.

But this is not as easy as it looks. It takes companies (like Ubisoft or EA Sports) lot of time at the cost of hundreds of technical teams to develop a single video game. In this article we take you through several points you must know about our all time favorites – video games.

1.) The Coding:

Video Games are simply programs with a list of instructions. Based on these instructions, the processor performs all the calculations. The resultant of all these calculations is the video, sound and logic of that particular computer game we experience.

Hence it is essential for the processor to meet the game specification requirements otherwise the entire process doesn’t work out exactly. But this isn’t all that easy. The entire coding is a very complex piece of work which has to be well-planned, well-structured, well-designed and made as interactive with the user as possible.

history of video games ,story behind video games


Even though Video Games can be written in any programming language C++ is the most preferred.

2.) The Proper Components:

Once the Video Game is coded you need all the proper components to ensure it works as promised. From the display to the sound, From the graphics to the memory all become key factors.

Generally, video game systems (or game consoles) are designed to take care of all these requirements. Xbox 360, Playstation, Wii are the popular among the lot. You can even play these games using your computer. But remember every game as its requirements and your game consoles or your computer must satisfy them.

history of video games ,story behind video games

The main function of this game  consoles is to interpret the entire complex code and enable different levels of interaction for the user at different instances.

3.) The Gaming Experience:

Video Game programmers are restricted with what they are to include in the game. Because a high end game with a lot of graphics if occupies lot of storage space (say 1TB) is absolutely absurd.

So the programmers must ensure the user all the perfect gaming world experience with the limited resources they have. Be it the characters involved or the locations or the background music everything should be involving to say the least.

4.) The Technical Stuff:

The designing of a video game is almost like any other software projects. They all involve a certain methodology. The entire build up of the video game involves these following steps:

  •    Analysis (What is required and what is not)
  •    Feasibility (Considering possibilities with limitations)
  •    Specification (What exactly is needed)
  •    Designing (The work structure of the game)
  •    Coding (The complex coding part)
  •    Testing (Properly ensuring the absence of any bugs or errors)
  •    Release (The actual Press Release of the entire developed game interface)
  •    Maintenance (The release of other updates as per requirements).

Bottom Line:

First of all video game development is an art and all those artists are always well appreciated. If you any how intend to be one of them you ought to have good command over programming languages.

Also a University Degree in Computers is a must. If you are one who loves to be on the other side then sit back and enjoy the absolute magnificence all those programmers have developed. And the best thing is it will always get better!!


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