erase all your private and sensitive data with a click
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Erase All Your Private and Sensitive Data In A Click

In OnlineCmag we have spoken more than once of issues related to privacy and have also discussed different methods to protect your identity and trail anywhere on the Internet.

Throughout the entire span we’ve been here we have explained several key tricks, like How to delete all traces of your activity on a click and starting the incognito mode of Google Chrome default but that’s not all, in the Windows section you will find dozens of such useful tips.


Today we will show you another such application that will help you protect your privacy by easily removing all your private and sensitive data.

In this case, the application is the ‘Free Privacy Eraser 3.5′ and its function is to delete private data for free, as its name suggests.

Free Privacy Eraser 3.5 works in a very simple way, you just have to select the areas you want to review, press the start button and once finished press the clear button.

By this application we can eliminate many issues related to privacy, including the following:


  1. History of opened documents
  2. Search history
  3. Temporary Files
  4. Microsoft Office trace
  5. Paint trace
  6. Messaging Application
  7. logs and cache different places
  8. Etc.

Web browsers (Internet Explorer / Netscape / Firefox / Opera / Google Chrome)

  1. Cache
  2. Cookies
  3. Record
  5. AutoComplete
  6. Passwords
  7. Etc.

Furthermore, the application offers the following features added:

1. Support for accessories: Amenities including over 100 accessories for popular applications such as WinRAR, WinZip, Adobe, PowerDVD, etc.

2. Custom Options: You can save cookies, make a secure erase, etc.

Certainly, Free Privacy Eraser 3.5 is one of the simplest and most complete applications that can be found at zero cost, so we recommend its use so that you can be a bit more secure than you are now.

Cleanersoft | Free Privacy Eraser 3.5

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