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EyeFi: The WiFi SD Card Is Now Here

Photography, for a while now has been dominating many other fields. Add to this the capabilities of WiFi and the love for DSLR simply increases. A camera with a WiFi SD card can help you exercise more control, make your interest more flexible, and the quality is better than ever with cloud services entering the frame. You can now directly use these cloud services to upload photos into your phones, laptops and tablets with the need to remove the SD card. As simple as that!


Surely, getting a WiFI SD card can add wireless functionality to your cameras with ease. This is important because other than few cameras, even a lot of dslr’s don’t offer this feature out of the box. Plus, its very cost effective as well; you get the SD card and wireless connectivity in one go. It even isn’t so technical, after the initial setup, you almost wouldn’t have to bother about it. And if you are thinking about it, yes, the battery of your camera will drain faster but that’s fine for me.


Getting Connected To EyeFi

As of now the biggest name in this field of innovation is EyeFi. EyeFi helps you share all your photos on all your devices irrespective of what camera you are using. EyeFi is currently offering two SD card options: Mobi and Pro X2. Mobi cards are the easiest to setup. Insert the SD card, download the Mobi App on your iPhone or Android and insert the activation code that’s present on the SD card; and you can now transfer images effortlessly. There are also the Mac and Windows applications available. All these photos are stored in JPEG format into your phones and computers. On the other hand, Pro X2 offer you the same services except that it won’t run on your phones. It only transfers RAW format images to your computer.


The actual process that happens behind the screen is all the photos in these EyeFi SD card are stored in the local EyeFi. By authenticating, you have the power to share these photos on social media and wirelessly access them on your phones and computer via specific applications.


The other kid on the block that’s drawing attention is FlashAir. Though the purpose is the same, with FlashAir, there’s no application tailor made and all these images appear in your browser itself. The other interesting part about FlashAir is at the same time you can view images on 7 different devices.

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