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All possible features of the upcoming iPhone 7

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest releases of the year will be the iPhone 7, the new Apple device that always stands as one of the players to offer informative features and functions resulting in cutting-edge innovation.

During recent months we have had numerous rumors of an iPhone 7 which, although not expected to pose a major revolution in design or features, does include a number of developments that justify your purchase: dual camera on the Plus model, improving your battery, including optical image stabilizer in the standard model, powerful A10 processor, thinner and new features of its iOS operating system.

How many iPhone models 7 launched on the market?

What seems assured is marketing the 4.7 – inch and 5.5 – inch Plus models. However, it sounded quite strong that a possible third model, Pro is in the making that only bring the combination of a dual – lens camera and greater storage capacity.


Design, with less thickness continues

The design of the new iPhone 7 does not entail a substantial change from the current iPhone 6s, only incorporating relevant changes. However, one of the most controversial design changes is the probable and it is the disappearance of the 3.5mm audio jack that favors decrease in thickness of the device, something that’s always demanded.

The disappearance of this slot in iPhone 7 could reduce its chassis to make it lighter but also improve your battery, having the same space inside. It is expected that the iPhone 7 comes with a redesign of its antennas. In any case, the design is a section that will not be touched in excess in the iPhone edition this year and yes we will see next year. And, probably according to the leaked information, the iPhone 2017 meeting the tenth anniversary of the device will return to the glass body of the iPhone 4.


Screen, waiting for OLED panels

It will not be this year because Apple will wait for Phone Edition 2017 to include the expected AMOLED in their devices. IPhone 7 thus will not come with significant changes in image quality that we observe, but if you look around your screen, yes we will notice a reduction in their bezels to make it even more elegant, or so can be hoped.


Hardware, raw power processor A10

The arrival of the new A10 processor will be a guarantee of cutting edge technology, capable of running any game on the market today and releasing in the coming months. There remain many questions about whether Apple will dare to climb to 3GB of RAM in the new iPhone, but after the release of 2GB in recent iPhone 6s, this seems unlikely.

What is considered is the option to include internal storage of up to 256GB in the Plus model in its most expensive version. The lack of microSD slot on the Apple iPhone makes it necessary to try to increase a little more of the original storage space, with more storage requirements with the recent inclusion of Live Photos and video recording 4K Plus model


Sound improvements

Sound, despite having of a remarkable quality, is still an issue to be addressed in the iPhone, and the iPhone 7 could bring improvements in this regard, especially with higher quality stereo speakers.

Of course, if the classic slot headphones disappear, you will not be forced to listen to your favorite music and videos through the lightning connector on the device, but this could bring improvement in the battery performance.


Apple unfinished Battery segment

It is something that, although has improved since the iPhone 6, is still well below the competition. The life cycle of an iPhone battery is not very extensive, but Apple gives the possibility to change it for free in the warranty period of the device. However, it is not comfortable to be always looking at the percentage of battery of our iPhone every time we go out into the street.

It is expected that with the disappearance of classical headphone slot, the iPhone 7 can improve in terms of battery capacity. It would certainly be one of the great news that has been in waiting for years.


Software, new iOS10 and features

This annual arrival of iPhone also packs with it a renewal of the classic Apple operating system. IOS 10 will provide many features not know until the presentation of the iPhone 7. Applications such as News or Homekit, and services like Apple Pay, Apple Music or own Apple App Store, they will have renewed redesigns of their interfaces, and also contain new features designed to enhance and improve the experience for consumer use


Camera improvements for all models

The camera is perhaps the section with the most expectations in the iPhone 7. Latest news say about big changes, not only for the Plus model as originally rumored, but also for the normal 4.7 inches model.

In this way it would be the first time the optical image stabilizer (OIS) reaches the normal model of the iPhone after being present in the Plus. Thus, holders of a 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will also be able to enjoy a feature that would no longer be exclusive to the Plus model.

However, the Plus model could incorporate the rumored dual camera, among other things, to improve the quality of our snapshots, both in saturation, depth of field or sharpness of the same this year. Still it could not be ruled out that this dual lens feature is available only.

In conclusion, Apple could reshuffle the option to improve megapixels in the main camera device in the two versions, to be more up to the competition in the photographic section.

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