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The Secret To Find A Niche That People Are Interested In

It’s pointless to spend time and effort on making a website about a topic no one is interested in. What we do now is find a niche (item) that has the greatest potential. We will therefore look at how much competition there and whether it is possible to earn money doing what you want to write about.

How To Find a Niche That Is Perfect :

Whatever you want to write about is it, for most. This is wrong, you should initially have a clear idea whether people will be able to get pleasure out of what you write. This is why it is absolutely important to find a niche that is sought after. By doing a little research first and using the right words, you will have more chances of your content being read by others.

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Even if you have no intention to monetize your website, it can still be beneficial to read this section.

Use Google AdWords to investigate what people search for

The first thing you have to do is go to Google AdWords Keyword Planner and enter your primary keyword into. For example, assume you have chosen to make a website about the topic computers. Then you would have to type “computer” in and Adwords will show you how many searches are made. At the same time AdWords also shows you a lot of other suggestions to searches that are close to the entered word.

Note: While you are on the mission to find  a niche perfect for your website, you need the  results to be exact. So remember to set your region and language and the match type to ‘exact’. Moreover, AdWords comes only with rough estimates, but they can be used as an indicator of the number of searches per month. How many of these searches you will be found in depends on how well you manage to get your site ranked in the search results.

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AdWords comes with a long list of suggestions for alternative searches in your niche, this is also a positive sign. The individual posts in your homepage must be properly optimized so that they appear in so many different keywords as possible. With many relevant words you therefore have a good starting point to optimize your texts for search engines.

Many searches are not necessarily a good thing

In this case, AdWords will tell you that there are over 9000 searches a month on the keyword “computer”. People are all certainly interested in learning more about computers. The downside of this is that competition in this topic is also very high.  Hence keywords related to this will be very difficult to get good rankings in Google’s search results and elsewhere.

Let us try another search, this time a little more specific, for example. “Laptops”. This gives above 4000 results, this tells us that competition is less, but there are still a fair number of searches each month.

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A search on Google will give an estimate of how much competition there is in your niche

To find out how much competition there is in a niche, open Google and marquee a search on your / your keywords. Be sure that you use “” around your keywords. This makes Google only shows the pages using your keywords in the entered order. The fewer results Google comes up with and the more searches that appear in AdWords keyword tool the better.

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Besides, it is a good idea to look at which pages are the top results for a search. How difficult it is to get to the top, also depends greatly on how strong your potential competitors are.

After a search for “laptop”, it turns out that there are many great sites that are at the top of the results. Competition for appearance on page one is therefore relatively high. After a closer look at the results, it turns out that very few of the sites directly specialize in laptops. Hence there will be, within that niche, a good opportunity to get some good rankings on keywords that are close to “laptop”.

While you find a niche remember that with the word “laptop” we used, we have ensured that our niche is accurate. That is it is both clear and not broad.

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In this case I would have to select the least competitive niche and create a page about laptops. Note that this niche would probably take some time to get good rankings but the potential of this niche is tremendous.

Searches tell what we would like to learn more about

Now it might seem as if we are only looking at whether a keyword is good or not. But actually the keywords are a really good way to see if there is interest in a topic. The many thousands of searches are being carried out every day reflects what we would like to learn more about. However, it is important that you not only assess a subject’s potential based on a single keyword. Perhaps looking for people with completely different keywords, examining and exploring several alternative keywords will also prove beneficial in the long run.

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Also remember that Google search results are not the only way to promote your website on. Although there is high competition for your primary keyword your page can be marketed through many other channels. Google is the most obvious channel for beginners because search engine optimization is both free and sends highly targeted visitors to your website.

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