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How To Find The Right Drivers For Your PC

Drivers are the configuration files which operate your hardware and devices. Finding these drives can be a bit confusing, especially when these drives don’t install automatically. In this article we gonna discuss an easy way to find the right drivers for your computer or laptop.

Steps To Find The Right Drivers For Your PC:

Step 1 : Find the drivers which you need :

To check the hardware on your computer which don’t have the right drivers, Just open the ” Device Manager “. You can access this Device Manager directly from the Control Panel or by just typing ” Device Manager ” in the search box.

This Device Manager will list out all of the devices which don’t have the drivers installed. Devices without proper drives will be given a yellow exclamation point icons next to their device name.

If any piece of the hardware does not have a driver installed , Then you should know the model information in order to get the right drivers installed . Check your computer’s documentation, or you can even open the computer and look at it’s physical hardware.

Step 2 : Know if you need to update :

In general if your computer or laptop is operating fine, Then you don’t need to update it . If you are having any problem with a particular device on your PC, Then updating that driver may help you.

Step 3 : Download drivers from trusted sources only :

How To Find The Right Drivers For My PC , right drivers  , Finding the right drivers may be little bit confusing , but u can use device manager









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You should only download these drivers directly from Microsoft or from the manufacturers . These Drivers can be found in any Support section of the manufacturer’s website. Here are some of the driver download pages for the most common parts manufacturers.

For ” nVidia

For ” Dell

For ” HP

For ” Intel

For ” AMD ” .

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