How To Format A Hard Drive Without Windows Installation CD
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How To Format A Hard Drive Without Windows Installation CD

If you have a new hard drive or any used one that you want to clear, Then you need to format your drive. Usually, the easiest way to format a hard drive is to use a Windows installation CD. In-case if you don’t have one, Then don’t feel bad there is nothing to worry you just have to do a little more work that’s it . Formatting a drive is still a simple process, just you have to find the appropriate utilities.

Format A Hard Drive , without windows installation disk .

Things Required :

  •  Startup Disk

Steps to Format A Hard Drive :

Step 1 : Configuring the BIOS :

There is really only one way to format a hard drive i.e through some kind of boot device. If not the Windows CD may be a floppy drive or another CD. When the computer starts, it will ask you to press a key to enter the BIOS; must quickly press the indicated key. Once you’re in the BIOS, look through the menus until you get to an option that says something like ” Device Boot Order “. Select ” CD ” or ” CD-ROM “, ” Removable Device ” or something similar, depending on what type of boot device you will be using. Saves the changes and Exit .

Step 2 : Make a boot disk :

You need to download the files from somewhere to make your device Bootable . There are many websites available that has a good selection of files , some are free and some are not.

For a diskette ( floppy ) : Just insert a floppy disk into the drive and run the utility that you have downloaded. This will make your floppy Bootable .

For a CD : You must have a CD burning software. You will have to run the software to copy the files you downloaded and select ” Do this CD bootable ” .

Upon boot device, ensure that one of the utilities you downloaded has a format tool ( you’ll have to read the documentation well ).

Step 3 : Restart the computer :

Start the computer with the BIOS configured correctly and the boot disk instead. The computer will boot from the boot disk or bootable CD. If you’re using the standard DOS boot disk, you can type ” format c: ” (” C ” refers to the hard disk ). If you are using another program, you must use its commands.

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