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Purpose Of The 12 Function Keys On Your Keyboard

Every computer keyboard contains letters, numbers, symbols and commands in buttons. All of these belong to one or the other category of keys. The function of all these keys is fixed. But there is an exception with a particular set of keys. Their uniqueness is that their functioning changes between different applications. These are the Function Keys. Most hilariously, the function of the function keys is not fixed. These keys are lined along the top row in the keyboard.

In this article we take you through some of the common functions of the F1- F12 keyset or the function keys. As mentioned earlier, the listed functions may not exactly be the same everywhere but could differ between operating systems and applications.

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Function Keys :


The F1 key can also be considered the ‘Help’ key. Almost every time it is tapped, it opens up the Help Menu in most of the applications. When no application is active, the Help and Support Center Application is opened.


This key cuts down our task in renaming any object in any version of windows. Simply select the file, folder or icon and tap the F2 key, that’s it. Particularly in MS Word, the combination Ctrl+F2 opens up the print preview and Ctrl+Alt+F2 opens up the ‘Open Dialog Box’.


F3 key opens up the File Search option. In MS Word tapping the F3 key holding the Shift button (F3+Shift) can change the text from lower case to upper or vice-verse.


Alt+F4 can close almost any application. When there is no active application, the Shut Down Windows Dialog Box appears. Exclusively in the Internet Explorer series, the address box opens up with the help of the F4 key.


In almost all the browsers the F5 button helps refresh the current webpage. And in MS Powerpoint it helps start the slideshow.


This key helps to move the cursor within programs (even in browsers). You can see how it works by simply trying it in the MS Word.


Well if you work a lot in MS Word then this button can be handy. A simple tap and the Spelling and Grammar box opens up. Other than this, there are not many significant function with this button.


The main function of this button is to start up your computer in the Safe Mode. But remember it becomes effective only if tapped before the windows boots.


Even this key just like the F7 and F12 have no direct applications in windows. Their utilization is limited only to the program in which their function is designed.

F10 and F11:

The combination of the Shift and F10 key (Shift+F10) is similar to right-clicking on a particular object(file, folder or icon). The F11 key helps to resize the applications open in Windows.

Like we have already mentioned, these functions could change across various platforms and applications. Do write us if you know about any better functions the function keys perform.

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