How Good Inbound Links Help You To Top The Google

How Good Inbound Links Help You To Top The Google

In ‘what is a good keyword‘ We mentioned that Google looks at your page’s overall authority when assessing where your article to be placed in the search engines. One of the most important parameter Google uses for this assessment is how many Good inbound links your website has, and also the Relevancy of those links to your niche.

How Good Inbound Links Help You To Top The Google

Things To Consider About ” Good Inbound Links “

Every link pointing to your website thus gives your website a higher authority in Google. The easiest way to see an incoming link is as a positive vote for your website.

However, There Is a big Difference In How Much Weight Google gives To an Inbound Link

  • The ideal link typically comes from a website that have a high authority. So a website that has lots of good content, many visitors have been online for many years, have lots of incoming links and not least the same subject as your website.
  • An insignificant link comes from a website that has just begun, deals with a different topic than your own website and not have something good and useful content.

Typically, it is quite hard to get pages with high authority to link to your page. What a joy, a page with a high authority to have the link to your site? Here it is again your content comes into the picture. Is your content very good and useful then the chances of others linking to you is much greater. Good content should therefore also be seen as part of your search engine optimization.

Link-Exchange No Longer Works In Conjunction With Search Engine Optimization

In the past it was such that many chose to make 2-way links. So you link to me and I link back to you. However Google has taken this into account long ago and this kind of links has almost no value.

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In order to get good inbound links, you therefore need to seek out website owners and hear if they will link to your page. Another option is to do guest posts on other sites and then have a link to your website in the content. A third option would be to assist users in relevant forums with good posts and have a link to your site in your signature.

If your content is really straight in the eye then links will naturally arise to your contents.

Relevant Link Contents

When Google assess the value of a link, It also looks at the anchor link text. The link text is the text you click to move on to another page. Do you get an incoming link with the word “laptop” then It is also an indication of what the linked page is about.

This again gives a higher value to the text link that points to. Do you have many links with relevant link texts from relevant pages, it will send your page higher up in the search results on the given word.

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Would you like to erect high on pages other than your front page, you must also create links to the pages of your domain.

Beware, Google Is Watching You

Google likes naturally given links for assessing the search results. It is therefore extremely important that the link you get to your side is as natural as possible. If for instance, 10 links with the same link text to the same article on your website, it is not natural. Intercepts Google’s algorithms that you try to manipulate search results, you risk your hand smoking completely out of Google.

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Do not underestimate Google’s ability to spot manipulation. Google lives by providing good search results to their users and therefore do everything they can to keep their results as relevant as possible. Therefore fix in your link texts and make sure as far as possible to get incoming links from relevant pages.

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