What is a good keyword? Keyword optimization is the way forward in Google, Master Seo In 2 days

What is a good keyword? Keyword optimization is the way forward in Google

Keyword Optimization is a vast concept, If you want to master the skill then your at the right place. The first step in optimizing your website is to find the right keywords. Are you not aware of what people type into Google when they are looking for and how much competition there is on the given keyword. Then it makes optimization much more difficult. Finding the right keywords is done by looking at the three parameters. Number of searches, relevance and severity. Lets Get Started With Keyword Optimization.

What is a good keyword? Keyword optimization is the way forward in Google, Master Seo In 2 days

Things To Consider While Starting With Keyword Optimization

1. Number Of Searches On Keywords

Even if you get number one ranking on Google, it is not certain that you are getting any visits. Some words you might see as obvious, there might not be someone who actually searches. Conversely, you will often be surprised at what people actually choose to search.

In order to choose the good keywords you therefore have to look at the number of searches. One of the best tools to look at the number of searches is Google’s own keyword tool, Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

However, it is not enough to look at the number of searches in order to assess whether a keyword is easy or difficult to get good rankings on. This also depends on how high severity is at the given word.

2. Difficulty Of Different Keywords

Is there a lot of searches on a word, competition will often be high. Especially in the beginning, when your website have not got a high overall assessment of Google.

One of the parameters Google uses to assess a Content’s relevance in search results is Google score which is given to every website. Google looks at all your page’s authority when it should place your page in search results. Do you have a newly started website page, then your page’s authority will not be very high in relation to an established site with lots of good lyrics and incoming links.

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The severity of a keyword should thus be seen as a combination of your page’s authority in Google and competition in the given keywords.

3. Keyword Relevance

Even though a keyword may seem as relevant to your website, it is not certain that it actually is. For Example If a user types “Computer” in their search, it is not clear that what the user actually would like to search. He might be Looking for a new computer, their might be some problems with his computer, Even he might be searching for some computer reviews ? Etc. Therefore be very specific while choosing a focus keyword.

4. The Ideal Keyword

The ideal keyword has many searches, low competition and high relevance to your content. To find out which words are working and which are not, We can warmly recommended you to use Google’s free traffic analysis program Google Analytics on your website. With Analytics you can see what keywords your users have used and what they do after they landed on your website.

Once you have found a lot of good keywords, ideally optimize every single Content for a unique keyword. How to optimize each of your Contents ? read more about the search engine optimization of Content.

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