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How to Hack Windows Password if You Forgot or Lost It ?

Did you know, there are amazing and simple tricks that can help you hack Windows password (admin account ) via your guest accounts. Are you using any computer in guest account?? Do you desire Admin privileges?? or if you have lost your password, then stop worrying, you can simply have it all. All you need is this small trick up your sleeve.  lets get started with it.

Method 1 To Hack Windows Password:

1) Open  C:/windows/system32.

2) Copy cmd.exe.

3) Paste cmd.exe onto your desktop.

4) Rename it as sethc.exe.

5) Now place this sethc.exe again in system 32, overwrite the file that is already present.

6)  Log out the guest account.

7) Now at user select window,press the shift key for 5 times.

8) The Sticky Key dialog wont appear. Instead a command prompt having all the administrator privileges shall open.

9) Type as  NET USER ADMINISTRATOR ” abc ” , here ” abc ” can be any password you want to choose. Then (enter).

10) ” The Command completed successfully ” will be displayed, exit the command prompt.

11) Log in to administrator using the new password. Its done. You have just learned one of the methods to hack into the admin account using a guest account.There is also another method to hack into the admin.

Method 2 To Hack Windows Password:

There is a possibility to change the Admin password without knowing it in Windows XP and Win Vista. Only thing is you have to manage to log in as an Administrator in some or the other way. Then only you can use this method. Here’s the Step-By-Step instructions.

1. Right-click ” My Computer “.

2. Select ”  Manage “option.

3. By the left in ” Computer Management (Local) tree => double click ” Local Users and Groups “option from ” System Tools ” tree => ” Users ” option.

4. You can view all users on the right side. Such as Administrator, Guest etc..

5. Select ” Set Password ” by right clicking the ” Administrator “.

6. Enter a ” New Password “and then ” Confirm Password ” .

7. After you have entered the password click ” OK ” . That’s It!.. This is how you can change admin password even without any idea of it. I hope you would like them.

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