Heading Into 2015 These Are All The Must Have Tech Products

All The Must Have Tech Products

Here’s wishing everyone of you a very good year ahead. So now that 2018 is on the brink, its time you had your New Year Resoltions, Greeting Cards, and all the celebrations packed and ready to welcome 2015. But did you ever think what else you should have in that arsenal for the year ahead? If you are against to all the technological developments, we can’t help it but otherwise here’s what all you’ll need to gear up a tremendous year.


Must Have Products:

Samsung SSD 850 PRO


Image Courtesy By : Samsung

Firstly coming to data storage, one of the most important tasks of a computer is to store your personal data safe and securely. And the Samsung SSD 850 PRO is tailor-made for just that. This blazing fast SSD, will cost that extra buck compared to the others, but will be your favorite piece of technology in no time.


SanDisk Ultra Dual USB 

Best On The Go Flash Drives Of 2014

Image Courtesy By : Lelong

If it a device which can transfer data between your personal computer (PC)/ Smartphone/ laptop etc at high speeds then its nothing but the On The Go Flash Drive. This device is surely another marvel in 2014 and don’t miss out this device, because you know life only gets a lot easier with stuff like this.


Digital Storm Coridium 

10 Top Gaming Desktops For You

Now it’s time to take away the best desktop i.e., CPU home. We have already seen that almost every basic software and even small games to run on computers, comsumes a lot of computing resources. With this severe demand for enhanced performcane, you would need a CPU that can give you just that. The Digital Storm Coridium is no doubt the best and can run all the games that are set to release this year.


Planar Helium PCT2785

Touch screen technology computers

Image courtesy by : 3Dnews

How much good hardware you have at the back end wouldn’t matter, if your output devices aren’t that good. Simply, you’ll need an excellent monitor to ensure you experience what’s in stall for you. The year 2014 saw the raise in the usage of touch screen monitors and the Planar Helium PCT2785 is surely something you need to have in your list to take home this holiday season. 


Logitech solar k750 and Logitech M555b

Image Courtesy By : Logitech
bluetooth mouse
Image Courtesy By :TopTenReviews

It never is a complete PC without the best keyboard and mouse. We always like to have that additional comfort while using the mouse or keyboard, isn’t it? And if they are wireless, the experience is only much better. So add to your cart Logitech’s best wireless keyboard and mouse for a wonderful year ahead.

Our computer is almost done, but without the help of few extra products it wouldn’t really mean anything. So, next up are the Bluetooth speaker, Wifi range extender and a High end projector.


Braven BRV-X

Best Bluetooth Speakers

Image courtesy by : digitaltrends

Bluetooth speakers are very useful when it is the matter of comfort. So the Braven BRV-X is device which is a class apart and offers you the best experience, you have ever known. So, this product is surely something you need to take away with you into 2015.




Image Courtesy By : Toptenreviews

In our day life, Wi-FI is very crucial but its strength depends on various factors due to which we never get out of it the expected output. But the NETGEAR AC1200 is just about good enough than the rest giving users the best experience.


Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5030UB

These 5 High End Projectors Are The Best

At moments, small screens are not just not what you need. Particulary in the holiday seasons, there might just be too many to enjoy the movie from a 17-inch screen. So, something that goes in handy is the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5030UBone of the best projectors we have seen in 2014.

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