How To Protect Your Eyes While Working On A Computer ?
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Health Tips For Protecting Your Eyes While Working On A Computer

Activities like looking at the screen of a computer, a smartphone, a video game or other digital devices for long periods of time may not cause a permanent eye damage, but definitely your eyes may feel a bit dry and tired.

Similarly Eye Doctors say there is no reason to worry that the 3-D movies, television or video games may damage eyes or visual system. Some people complain of headaches or dizziness to watch in 3-D, which may indicate that the viewer has a problem with the focus or depth perception. Additionally, the techniques used to create the 3-D effect can confuse or overload the brain, causing some discomfort in people who even have normal vision. These pains are alleviated by taking a break during these activities.


Health Tips For Protecting Your Eyes While Working On A Computer


What causes visual fatigue when using a computer ?

  • Generally, humans blink their eyes about 18 times per minute, but studies show that only half flicker occurs while using a computer and other digital display devices, either working or playing.
  • Reading or writing for long periods of time, or other work requiring a closer look can also cause eyestrain.

How To Protect Your Eyes ?

  • Sit at a distance of 25 inches from the computer screen and position the screen so you can look slightly downward.
  • Reduce the brightness and also use a filter to screen if necessary.
  • Write a note that says ” Blink! ” and paste it on the computer as a reminder.
  • Use the rule ” 20-20-20 ” : According to this rule for every 20 minutes, take a look at an object that is about 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
  • Make use of artificial tears to refresh your eyes when you feel dry.
  • Take regular breaks at work to keep it away from the computer, and try to get enough sleep at night.

The visual fatigue caused by computer use may worsen due to :

Sleep deprivation : When you sleep less than necessary, the eyes can become irritated. During sleep, the eyes rest for a prolonged period and are replenished by nutrients. These eye irritation can also cause inflammation and infection, especially if you are using the contact lenses.

  • If you should be in front of the computer for a marathon work session, take regular breaks or short naps, if possible.
  • With eyes closed, apply a warm compress on them.
  • Tired or sore eyes are a sign that it’s time to stop working and rest or sleep.

Improper use of contact lenses : If you use contact lenses, it is important to properly use and maintain, especially if you use computers and other digital display devices frequently. This helps to prevent eye irritation, inflammation, infection and other vision problems.

  • Give break to your eyes by wearing your glasses.
  • Don’t sleep while wearing the contact lenses, even if they are qualified for prolonged use.
  • Use a fresh solution each time you clean and store.
  • Rub your contact lenses while cleaning them, even if a solution of ” no rub ” is used.

Stop using your contacts and see an ophthalmologist (Eye MD) right away if any of these problems like red eyes, blurred vision, tearing, light sensitivity or pain, eye inflammation or some kind of secretion.

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