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How To Easily Block Remote Shutdown Feature

If you are reading this article then most probably you have become a target to someone , right ? So, the people at your school or colleges have discovered the joys of Remote shutdown . That means you can no longer log into a system at your lab without being shutdown before you could check your e-mail. Even the admin might have no idea how to block it, or for whatever may be the reason they don’t want to block it .So what should you do now ? Here is the answer for that question ” easy way to block remote shutdown “.

If you are new here and want to learn how a remote shutdown is performed, you can look here.

Steps To Block Remote Shutdown :

Method 1 :  Using Software :

1 . The simplest way is to download a Shutdown Guard . This is a neat Invisible program developed by ” Megabyte Studio ” .

2. After installing the Shutdown Guard application , drag a shortcut into your system’s startup folder. Your startup folder is located at Start Menu>All Programs>Startup . Or you can even open up this Shutdown Guard every time you startup your computer.
3. You have been protected.


Method 2 : By creating a batch file (.bat):

The alternative method to block remote shutdown is making a batch file (.bat).

Step 1 : First of all open a notepad (Type notepad in run or go to start->All programs->accessories->Notepad )
Now copy and paste the below given code into your text document:

block remote shutdown

@echo off
shutdown -a

Step 2 : Save That File :

block remote shutdown

=>Go to file menu and select the save as option .

=>Under file-type select “all programs” .

=>Keep the encoding as ” ANSI ” .

=>Save this file as ” OnlineCmag.bat ” .

=> Done.

Whenever you have logged into the computer open this program, or you can even add it to your start up programs . It is now virtually impossible to do a remote shutdown.

Congrats You have successfully blocked the remote shutdown process .

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