VRmark: can your PC run virtual reality games and apps
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How To Check If Your PC Can Run Virtual Reality With VRmark

Virtual reality is already among us and anyone can access it in different forms. We have headsets that are tethered to PCs or the ones which use your own mobile screen. All options are valid, but each with its limitations, advantages, and disadvantages.

If you want to know if your computer is compatible with virtual reality, we now have a new tool. The VRMark is developed by Futuremark, creators of the famous 3DMark.

VRMark is available for free download from the website of Futuremark or Steam and is compatible with Windows 7 or higher and 64 – bit systems.

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It is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets. It is offered in two versions, one free and one paid. The paid version will cost you $ 19.99, but during its launch can be purchased for a 25% discounted $ 14.99.

VRMark checks if your PC can run Virtual Reality experiences

can your pc run virtual reality games ? VRmark can check

As we mentioned, VRMark is available in both free and paid versions. Each has different possibilities to test the maximum compatibility with virtual reality.

With this tool, we can see if your PC is compatible with the most popular headsets, although it is not necessary to have them checked.

This is important because it will allow us to see if we meet the minimum requirements before shelling out money on these high-cost headsets.

Orange Room is the test that is offered in the free version. It tests your system for minimum requirements of the various VR Headsets.

The paid version contains more analytical tools and is called Blue Room. In the first test, we can activate the so – called Experience Mode that allows us to move around a VR environment, a true litmus test to see if the computer is able to withstand the high demands of virtual reality at its best.

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However, the test included in the paid version will really push your system to its limits and will demand maximum performance.

If your computer passes this test, it means that your PC is ready to run virtual reality games and apps at maximum settings. In addition, the payment mode offers more details results for a wide range of VR headsets.

So, is your PC ready to offer you virtual reality experiences?

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