How to install Android apps on Google Chrome
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How To Install Android Apps On Google Chrome

Android is an operating system designed primarily for mobile devices, on which large sums of applications are being developed, and something that’s common with many of them is that they are only compatible with this system. However, there is a way to run Android applications from any operating system that can run Google Chrome.

This recent initiative lets you run applications developed with Android compatibility on Chrome OS, and the same can be installed on Chromebooks.

Given that the Chrome OS is based primarily on the Google Chrome browser, this means that you can start Chrome in full screen mode in Windows and pretend you are using Chrome OS. There are several applications that provide Ports officers available on Chromebooks.

This expected support is just beginning, but because there are open projects of this type, the community has helped solve what Google could not achieve till date, this is how it generates a much larger number of applications of Android on any computer regardless of the operating system you have.

Archon :

Archon Runtime is a Chrome extension which can be used to run an unlimited number of Android applications created with Chrome OS-apk script . Thus it is possible to run Android apps Google Chrome, regardless of platform where they are executed. This process works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Requirements For Installing Android apps on Google Chrome:

Know that it is necessary to have Chrome 37+ 64 bit to be installed on your computer, if that does not work you should use the development version of Chrome.

It is important to know that the extent and script hold periods of instability, also if you are using a unstable version of Google Chrome, some functions may fail or do not develop as expected. Chrome Canary is the software recommended here, as it can run without relying on the stable version of Chrome.

So you seize using this version without risking your browser information everyday. Remember to use the 64-bit version, because the process may not work on other platforms.

Start the installation :

  1. You must first unzip the file with the version of Archon you’ve downloaded.
  2. Now you must open Chrome Canary, and in the address bar type the following without quotes: “chrome://extensions/”.
  3. Now go on and activate the developer mode.
  4. Once you do this, you must press the button labeled Load unpacked extension.
  5. Then choose the folder where you have extracted following the first step in this procedure.

To install applications just follow the procedure used to install the extension. You can only use the applications that support Archon.

From here you can view a list of modified applications , that are compatible and observe which ones work properly and which don’t. From the subreddit you can also learn to modify the applications so that they are compatible with Archon.

Common Errors :

By having the application installed, you can observe in the list of extensions for Chrome, the presence of several errors marked in red.

But don’t worry, most of the applications do work in spite of all such alerts. Now, to run the applications you need to simply press the Start button located just below the application’s name. Know that each application runs in a separate window.

Although it is possible that some applications may close instantly. There are some other errors in some applications which can be neglected.

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