How to Remotely Shutdown a Computer
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Ever Tried To Remotely Shutdown Your PC? Here’s How To

In this article, we gonna show you ” how to use the remote shutdown command ” in Windows. It is used to remotely shutdown, log off or restart a local or networked computer.

This method can be very advantageous if you have multiple computers at your workplace or at home. You can do a remote shutdown from the command prompt (CMD) using the shutdown command.

Things You will Need:

1. A computer that runs on Microsoft Windows.
2.Network Connection (which is required to find a target computer)

Step To Remotely Shutdown A Computer

Step 1: Open Command Prompt

Remotely Shutdown

Windows 7: Click on the ” Start ” menu And Select “Run…” from the given list. Now type “ cmd ” into the Run dialog and press enter.

Windows 8: Directly type ” command prompt ” in the search bar present on the side drag screen.

Step 2: Get the list of computers connected

How to Remotely Shutdown a Computer

Type ” net view ” command and press enter. Now a list of computers connected to that network will be displayed.

Step 3: Choose your target

Choose your target computer from the list and remember that computer name.

Step 4: Shutdown command

How to Remotely Shutdown a Computer

Now Type ” shutdown -m \\computer name ” in the command prompt. Replace ” -m with -f ” for closing all the running applications on the target computer.

You can also replace ” -m with -s ” For a normal shutdown or you can even replace “ -m with -r ” for restarting the target computer.

Some other commands are ” -e ” for documenting the reason of an unexpected shutdown, -i for displaying the graphic user interface ( GUI ) or -c to comment on the reason for the shutdown or restart. computer name is most probably where you should type the name of the target computer.

Step 5: Shut down

Now your target computer will automatically shutdown.

Note :

If you use this method for anything other than educational purposes you could get into lots and lots of trouble.

Now that you have learned how a computer can be remotely shutdown, you may also like to learn how to disable this remote shutdown. It is available at this link.

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