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HTC Vive Pre Is The Second Generation Of Virtual Reality

The HTC Vive Pre is the second generation of Virtual Reality. It makes it clear that virtual reality is not just glasses or a headset but goes far beyond. It is integrated sensors mapping rooms, controls (important part of the experience) and content stored on Steam system. But a key point of this system is that it is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

htc vive pre

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Surprisingly, it is the second generation of virtual reality glasses made in collaboration with Valve. The HTC Vive Pre Lives , which improves on many aspects presented ten months ago.

HTC Vive Pre Preview: winning candidate in virtual reality

The consolidation of virtual reality

Unlike other systems like the Oculus or Samsung Gear VR,  there is total immersion here. The system recognises whether we are standing, sitting, walking, looking to one side or the other or interacting through our hands. The helmet is lightweight but extremely comfortable, plus the system has interchangeable pads and nose support for different sizes, something that makes it comfortable for everyone to use and does not hamper the experience.

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One negative point is that we must always be connected to the PC via a cable. This can be dangerous if we are looking at scenarios that require a lot of movement. In my case, I was hooked on the cable in a couple of occasions. But HTC says they are thinking about a system to pass the cable above the head and does not interfere.

An important point is this second version is equipped with a front camera, which will serve to enter augmented reality experiences. But the primary function is to serve as a security camera, if we get closer to a wall or we are about to hit the command with an object in real life, the camera is activated preventively to warn us that we are near something.

Similarly, the idea is not to hinder the experience, and preventive mode of the camera shows light green tones details in our environment. With this you can keep playing without an abrupt halt. The camera in full mode can be activated directly from the control, this will allow us to engage in discussions and activities in real life without take off the glasses.

A truly amazing experience

htc vive pre

Many who have tried other virtual reality systems have mentioned that they can cause nausea. This is mainly due to the refresh rate, but the Pre Valve are optimal at 90 fps. Plus each screen has a resolution of 1200 x 1080 pixels. This makes the immersion total and we really forget that we are in a room.

But certainly, games, guided experiences and 360 degrees photos and videos are so such part of the system, and are worthwhile. The combination of music, sound effects and changing scenarios was something really impressive. It leaves us with a feeling something that is simply impossible to describe in words.

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