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IBM Bluemix: The Platform Built For Developers

Bluemix is the open cloud platform of IBM that provides developers complete access to all the software of IBM and associated business partners. Through Bluemix they can integrate, consolidate and perform many key functions on their applications with enhanced security.


Through Bluemix, IBM intends to simplify the process of application delivery by offering various services which handle immediate deployment and hosting. This means that now a mobile or web application developer wouldn’t have to worry about the infrastructure to host his application and can concentrate more on the application design. Here is our take on IBM Bluemix starting from its background.


Into the Details – IBM Bluemix Platform

IBM Bluemix platform is based on the Platform as a Service (PaaS) model and is built upon the open source technology of Cloud Foundry, an acquisition made by IBM in early 2015. In addition to PaaS, IBM’s Bluemix provides MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) capabilities.


At the end the goal of IBM is quite clear and it is to facilitate developers in building game-changing apps for the future. The concept is the same even if you are a small business or a large scale enterprise, at the end of the day perfectly built and maintained apps are always top priority. IBM’s Bluemix helps organisations achieve just that!


Each developer is now more powerful given the easy access to services ranging from analytics to Big Data all under one platform, i.e the IBM Bluemix. Here’s a list of several benefits you are imposed on by Bluemix:

  • Easy access to services to build and extends apps.
  • Continuos support to app changes and delivery.
  • Ability to develop apps in many programming languages.
  • Optimised management of backend resources.

These are some of the benefits developers and organisations would have high interests in. Apart from these the other significant benefit Bluemix offers you is the ability to run this tool on any operating system without any performance issues. That’s handy!


This article is just a brief introduction to IBM’s cloud based Bluemix platform, you can learn a lot more about Bluemix from the official website of Bluemix – click here.

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