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10 Incredible Things Virtual Reality Can Be Used For

Always being trapped in reality is boring. Did you ever want to experience something out of the ordinary? Take a break; Virtual Reality is here for our rescue. In this article we talk about 10 incredible things virtual reality can be used for. In fact these are the closest VR experiences you should definitely give a try.

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10 Incredible Things Virtual Reality Can Be Used For

1. Fly Like A Bird

Birds and their flight have amazed mankind since a long time. Everyone wishes to feel the drop and accent, the acceleration and the mid-air float that a bird experiences. Virtual Reality has got people excited about the possibility of finally living this centuries old dream.

Zurich University researchers have made the ultimate dream of flying possible with Birdly. The primary aim of Birdly is to offer bird like flying experience to users. The reason for the success of Birdly is it is far beyond just a VR Headset.

This extremely authentic flying experience is achieved with a combination of the VR headsets and a cross-shaped padded apparatus. This apparatus aims to make the entire experience of flying as realistic as possible. It employs a hydraulic mechanism, which produces all the effects you would go through under the effect of gravity. The flaps posing as wings, the position of your body on the apparatus and the immersive birds’ eye scenes offer an incredible experience you shouldn’t miss.

Birdly came to market in December 2015 and the initial devices are sold out. SOMNIACS is now manufacturing more of these devices and will be available soon.

2. Go Mountain Biking

One of the other incredible things virtual reality can do is pump up some adrenaline. You can experience the best biking experience on top of mountains which could be absolutely risky in the real world. All you need is a stationary bike that communicates with the software of your your VR Headset. You can simulate the entire uphill and downhill mountain biking experiences.

We have found VirZOOM to be the right product for such an experience. It can also replace the stationary exercise bike and aid you to reach your workout targets quite effectively. It is compatible with most of these high end virtual reality devices. You also need a good biking app to enjoy the experience like MTB Freeride and Widerun

3. Visualize buildings before they are built

This particular feature is cool and incredible. It is like looking through the imagination running inside other’s head.

Arch Virtual produces VR applications and tools for all businesses and education. Their applications promise to help makers of any kind of buildings. The interesting fact is that these building simulations are of spaces that haven’t even been built.

Arch Virtual uses the digital blueprints to develop fully immersive building interior animations. You can examine the each and every detail including the floors, the rooms and the entire design work.

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4. Roller Coasters Rides

Theme Parks are absolutely amazing, no doubt in that. If you are like me you get to pay a visit once or twice a year. But we are now in the era of virtual reality headsets (like the Oculus Rift) and apps like the No Limits 2. With these you can enjoy the adrenaline rush from a roller coaster ride for 30minutes get back to what you were doing instantaneously.

With No Limit 2 you can wave your hands in the air, experience the feel of gravity and go upside down. You can pick your coaster in a decent looking theme park and get started. With coaster simulator you can look all around and get a more realistic experience than without the VR headset.

5. Ultimate Shooter Games Experience

VR is undoubtedly a boon for gamers. You can now look at more than just the frame simply by moving your head. This feature is absolutely incredible when it comes to shooter games.

If you have played shooter games before, you know the levels of concentration we are filled up with moving through those corners. With VR, you get to move your neck and take a nice peak at those tight angles. This gives you the extra chance to edge out in difficult situations and ultimately enjoy the gameplay.

One such game that gives you the best Shooter experience in VR is the Bullet Train, from Epic Games. Through the haptic feedback you can feel handling various guns.

6. Watch movies on large screens

Watch your favorite movies like never before. Put on your VR headsets and projects your movies onto a mega size screen to enjoy your exclusive movie theatre.

incredible things virtual reality can do

Among other applications Netflix brings you movies with the VR theater experience. This theater, the Void, gives you visuals that make you experience a movie theatre feeling while comfortably sitting on your couch. It also has lot of other features including adjusting the screen size. There are also several other apps to make you watch movies like never before

7. Virtual Racing

Hardcore video gamers always want more realism, more effects and more immersion. VR Racing games are all about that.

Games like the Project Cars are now expanding to virtual reality headsets. And several other VR racing games provide absolutely intense experience. Not just the race tracks but the surroundings are more realistic. The trees and buildings are some of the elements which will surely catch your eyes as you speed past them.

There’s no doubt that a good racing game could make you experience all the incredible things virtual reality can do.

8. Virtual Campus Tours

While looking to get into universities or schools you are left with no option but to travel. Due to this some people have to narrow choices based on budget. Instead, now you can use Youvisit. Like we have mentioned in our previous article, Youvisit can help you with virtual tours along the streets of any city, museum or university.

Youvisit contains short videos and photos of international universities using which you can know campuses better. All you need is a VR Headset strapped to your head. You can walk and look around and enter buildings.

9. Visiting Places

Particularly when we are planning moving to a different city, one important thing is finding a proper place to live. Currently you will have to rely on the images posted in real estate websites. But this is far from real. VR Global carries out a more realistic approach.

This VR company creates VR experiences which clients can use to find their next home anywhere across the globe. Similarly Youvisit can also be used for this purpose.

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10. Create 3D Art In Open Air

Another most incredible thing virtual reality can help us with is to find beauty. Using VR you can experience art like never before. Tilt Brush is an amazing app can make you appreciate and create dazzling art in open air.

You can select from a range of brushes and create art that you can walk around. This really is like a step into the far future.

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