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iPhone 7 Features: Waterproof, Updated Camera and without the headphone port!!

iPhone 7 Plus

It was the flagship product of Apple’s presentation and is now official. The new mobile phone from the Cupertino company is called iPhone 7 and as usual for a couple of generations ago, will have its larger screen and in certain respects an enhanced model, the iPhone 7 Plus.

The withdrawal of the headphone port is the most striking along with the arrival of water resistance, but where it really strikes is the new camera, which promises to give a solid competition and to recover the throne which for a couple of years is occupied by other manufacturers.

The iPhone already can get wet

This was already spoken about in the previous generations of the ability to wet the Apple iPhone although not specifically advertising its terminal was waterproof. In the new generation this doubt is completely resolved. The new iPhone 7 can get wet now that has an added resistance with IP67 profile.

The design of the iPhone 7 start button is new and more integrated, without mechanical travel. It is activated and responds to touch, using the Taptic Engine technology that Apple has been developing and improving in its products in all the different lines. The button, which resemble Apple wheels of the first iPods, allow different actions the user can customize to their liking.

iPhone 7 jetblack waterproof  A look at the dimensions shows iPhone 7 measures 13 cm, 6.7 cm of width and thickness 7.1 mm remains. The weight is 138 grams. All in the line of the previous generation.

Goodbye to the headphone port

As had been rumored for months, the new iPhone 7 will be remembered as the Apple phone that dispensed the headphone port and probably the starting point of a new revolution of devices without it.

What solution did  Apple take to use headphones on your new iPhone 7? Well, the main thing is being sought does not only depend on cables, the Bluetooth connectivity is the basis of communication between handsets and iPhone 7 now.There will be many brands, most of which will enhance its line of wireless audio equipment, including Apple.

For those who have a favorite headphones or have been a great investment (or want to protect battery consumption), there is an adapter to connect them to the lighting port 7 in the box.

Apple earpods

And separate payment will be new Airpods, a headset with Bluetooth connectivity fairly compact and include interesting advances as they are able to detect when you place them to turn the sound, or act as hands – free microphone. New AirPods change automatically when you use another device such as the Apple Watch to listen to music.

To recharge these pods, Apple’s idea is to harness the protective cover, which carries charge for 24 spare hours. It is this box that connects to the current and not the headphones, so another charger to add to the suitcase. Headphones autonomy is 5 hours.

Brighter and better color reproduction screen

IPhone 7 has no change in resolution or diagonal screen (4.7-inch 1,334 x 750 resolution which gives a figure of 326 dpi, less than the competition), but it has improved in quality. Apple says it is 25% brighter, with brightness of 625 cd / m2, which will help it look better outdoors, while offering a wider color reproduction more (P3) and contrast of 1,400: 1. Improvement as a very solid base. Follow course with 3D Touch technology, we’ll see if iOS is reinforced with 10.

apple iphone 7 a10 fusion chip

The new operating system will move thanks to a new chip, the Apple A10 Fusion a quad – core chip. There is also improvement in the graphics processor, taking care of the issue of battery consumption and efficiency especially. No battery capacity figures for now, but of autonomy, which Apple says this chip can provide two hours life more than that of the iPhone 6s.

New Camera for iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 camera is not as disruptive compared to the one in the iPhone 7 Plus and its double sensor, but improves sections where it had been far behind. The brightness is enhanced by optical stabilization finally included in the smallest model, while the opening of f1.8 becomes, in line with the best photographic smartphones present in the market.

iphone 7 camera

The optical system is now composed of six elements, the ISP developed by Apple itself, while the sensor remains in the 12 megapixels, but with much faster approach. The flash also receives a dose of news and now consists of four LEDs, True Tone type, and can offer up to 50% more light according to Apple.

As for video recording, it remains as 4k, slow mode at 120 fps and 1080p camera. If we are recording video we can take pictures with resolution up to 8 MP. The secondary chamber substantially improves finally and will be 7 MPauto HDR and 1080p video recording. Its opening is F2.2.

iPhone 7: price and availability

The new iPhone 7 begins its booking period from now, and is expected to be available for sale from September 16 in US,UK and Australia. The exact date for its arrival in India is not yet disclosed. But hope to see it soon.

Prices will be the same as the iPhone 6s, from $649, but starting in a 32GB version and then the 128 and 256 GB models will cost $749 and $849 respectively.


Image Credits: Pocketlint, Gizmodo, Mobiletelefone, ExtremeTech.

2 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Features: Waterproof, Updated Camera and without the headphone port!!

  1. Anonymos says:

    Why do I even opt for AirPods when I get only 5 hrs playtime with it, they opted for lighting earpods for better DAC control and lossless playback for music lovers. What about stereo speakers, 3D touch Home button, colors, price in USD.

    1. OnlineCmag Team says:

      Thank you for pointing. We have only tried to highlight the most talked about features in this post. A post with the complete product description is being worked on.

      iPhone 7 Price:
      32GB = $649
      128GB = $749
      256GB = $849

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