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LinkedIn Record: LinkedIn Launches Video Services Application

The content in social networks is increasingly visual and video is booming, expanding to all platforms in a very special way. Now it is the turn of LinkedIn, which wants to give more prominence to this type of content with the help of the influencers, who can post videos up to 30 seconds on the social network using LinkedIn Record.

LinkedIn Record

To do this, a small group of 500 people group must use an application, called LinkedIn Record, which is now available for Android and iOS devices, with which we can record videos that later can hang on your home page along with other publications, so the option to comment or share also will.

However, the content of these visual posts based on LinkedIn Record are to be professional and work, also focusing on aspects such as education, diversity and innovation.

At the moment, only influencers will be responsible for uploading such content, but the company does not rule out extending it to other users in the future.

The product manager of LinkedIn, Jasper Sherman, said in a statement posted on the website of the company, users can use video as a tool to build your reputation by sharing a few words in a short video instead of a text with thousands of words.

We are excited to see how the LinkedIn Record feature impacts its users.

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