You could lose your warranty by installing Linux on your computer
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You Could Lose Your Warranty By Installing Linux On Your Computer

A custom in the world of smartphones now reaches computers; limits the possibilities of users. By installing Linux on your computer, you could lose your warranty in the store – That’s what it is.


Do not be alarmed, it’s not that manufacturers have begun to include guarantees installing Linux as a condition that overrides it. It has actually been a big retail chain in the UK,Currys PC World, which is refusing to guarantee some users who bring their computers to the store because they have a hardware failure. For now, we need not worry in India, because this is not going to affect us immediately, but the truth is that, yes, it could be crucial for the future, as in the field of smart phones, for example, Rooting your smartphone, or changing the ROM, firmware, involves the loss of warranty by the manufacturer. If this happens in the case of computers, install Linux , or even install another version of Windows, and you could end up losing the guarantee. Already large number of British groups and other large retailers begin to apply the same conditions in warranty to computers.

Does it make sense?

However, we should ask ourselves whether it really makes any sense. The warranty conditions of many companies in the case of smartphones even comply with European law guarantees, but in case of computers, it would be talking about something even more extreme. Installing an alternative operating system on a computer is almost like installing a program or game, and no warranty is lost by the later. Limiting that is like limiting the usage of cars on roads; say only allow them to be used in the city.


On the other hand, the issue of guarantees is carried too far. The guarantees cover alleged factory failures that the product may have. The biggest problem comes with the difficulty of determining what is a factory fault or what is a fault generated by the user. Linux installation is criticized because it gives more possibilities to the user, including carrying the processor to a level that can be prejudicial for it, but the fact is installing Linux does not mean it will actually harm the computer. Indeed, the vast majority of users do not want to spoil their computer, and make no mistake. A computer won’t get spoiled simply on installing Linux, and that’s the message we want to broadcast out loud.


If you need to put ads in the components of computers to serve as informers of misuse, it is done, but what does not make sense is to demonize the use of Linux , and that neither users nor manufacturers and outlets can defend. Especially considering that, as we have said, among those who use the warranty on their computer by an incident, most suffer factory problems.

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