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Microsoft HoloLens – Here’s All You Need To Know [Future Tech]

Wearable Tech is fast becoming an integral part of our lives. It undoubtedly is the future of all computing. Many wearable tech products including smart watches, fitness bands, virtual reality headsets have successfully captured people’s imagination, but nothing exceeds the brilliance of the new Microsoft HoloLens, an augmented reality headset.


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 Microsoft Hololens :

Microsoft has announced that this device will work with all the Windows 10 devices and helps you experience computing in a completely different angle. Since Microsoft announced the HoloLens, I have been waiting eagerly to experience what Microsoft promises. So, in this article we explain you exactly why we believe HoloLens will be cracker of a technology this year:


Loads of Fun for Gamers:

Something you can be assured about the Microsoft HoloLens is the enjoyment it gives you. Particularly, if you happen to be a hardcore gamer, you are definitely going to enjoy HoloLens the most! This device is all about interacting with video games and experiencing the game in a newer dimension. Once this device is released (HoloLens), Microsoft will probably waste no time in providing streaming solutions for gaming, forming a display for the Xbox consoles.


Design To Perfection:

With Microsoft HoloLens, you can altogether become a better designer than ever before. Map, scan, edit, and manipulate surfaces and objects all with whole lot of ease. The most amazing part is, with HoloLens you can build your designs in the computing environment as if you are really building it in reality. This unique feature is a result of the ability to visualize the virtual image of the final product using HoloLens. This means you get to become a better designer without having to sweat it. Because you can get more closer to the digital world than ever before, you can design your dreams to reality.


Travel Everywhere:

HoloLens takes you to places you probably can never afford to go. Simply, wherever you wish to be, HoloLens puts you there virtually. You can explore any place on this planet from the comfort of your home. If you really wish to.. even going to Mars wouldn’t be a big concern with HoloLens.


Transforming Education:

Learning will never be the same with HoloLens. Students can virtually see whatever they are interested in learning about. It means that they can better interact, explore and experience learning in an altogether different perspective.


Like never before, Microsoft HoloLens will manage to take us closer to the virtual world. We can then interact and hence innovate many more technologies for our convenience and Windows 10 is going to make all of this happen to us.

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